Start of Flashing, Exposing & Exhibitionism

This Blog am writing about myself, experience of start exposing, flashing & exhibitionism, I guess you all know what I am talking about, it is one of naughty part of this lifestyle and as a woman really enjoyable. After about a year we entered in this lifestyle I started reading some naughty stories on the net and there was a certain type of stories that really excited me I started thinking more and more about it and was wondering when people write these stories are they real or just fantasies or a mix of both and do these things really happen in real life, what are the risks and so many questions were coming in my mind that time.

So many page followers asked me my stats, so I will tell you about my stats here, I am 5’5 fairly (Whiteish) and slim Punjabi and 34C – 28 – 31. We started this lifestyle with our close friend from Chandigarh only. So here I come back to reading stories where I read many wives do flashing & exhibition, and fantasies it to enjoy more, I liked the idea somewhere in mind also wanted to try it. But I was bit scared to try it also could not courage it to do it publicly.

One day my hubby Navish asked me about the idea we discussed a lot, he also said to me, “I would love to watch you in this way and this would really arouse me and at night we enjoyed a lot and somewhere the idea was hitting both of our minds.

Finally, we both decided let’s give it a try, about a month after this discussion, one day back my parents had a party at home and called all their friends and relatives, Navish and I were there too helping out and chatting and I noticed that one my father’s friend son, also came for party living abroad, was gazing at me. I wondered why and then realized this young guy is passing his eyes on my every now & then with tricks. Every time I was passing him the snacks he was staring at my cleavage, through deep neck t-shirt while I was bending down and for the few seconds he was getting a lovely view of my cleavage.

Navish realized that and I said “This is the time to give a start for your fantasy go ahead, I was really get aroused and idea also tickled me somewhere in my body, enjoying this young man staring at me with his tricks of eyes. By looks he was seems such a decent guy I never suspected he was this naughty. Any ways nothing more happened except that only gave him few more times a view of my cleavage, I liked that gaze on my body.

When he was leaving said me he really liked the party, and I was such a good hostess and hugged me slightly to say final goodbye. But I noticed how his hands went right on my ass when he was hugging me and I was sure he must have felt my soft boobs on his chest too.

I was very aroused that night I had sex imagining the guy making out with me, which I already told to Navish. It was just wonderful with this imagining part.

A month later we were at a friend’s party and we were all sitting on chairs and chatting and I noticed a strange thing. There was a waiter there serving snacks and he would walk behind my chair a lot I mean even if he had to serve snacks to others he would always take the route from behind my chair. I wondered why then I realized that I was wearing these low waist jeans. I was too busy in chatting with my friends and I didn’t noticed that my ass crack and thong panties were showing from behind and I guess the waiter was just loving it.

I guess for him to see the ass crack and panties of a modern lady was very arousing. Just after sometime I got up and asked where the washroom was and the waiter told me the way. While going to washroom a wild idea came to my mind, I texted to Navish from washroom that I want to try the idea of flashing tonight, he just sent me a thumbs up & a smiley I got his reply. I decided to dare this time and removed my panty, put in my bag and came out.

I checked in mirror before coming out, it was noticeable through my low waist jeans that am not wearing anything beneath then suddenly I became wilder and removed my bra as well and put it also in bag. My perky nips were easily giving idea of me not wearing bra as well.

After 1-2 hours, I was feeling so horny later in party that I asked Navish to left the party as quickly as we could and we drove a bit & I asked to stopped the car and started making out in the car only, I guess this whole situation had really aroused me, we got home and went straight to bed and we had great sex that night, I was moaning so loud. All I was imaging the guys who were staring at me in party & I loved the attention I was getting from all guy friends.

Well then Navish also realized my wildness and said me “So my wild wife loved the idea of flashing and roaming all around in party without bra & panty”. “I know there is something in his mind also. He gets so much aroused by this.

We both admitted such thoughts & ideas excites both of us, and we would love to try more of such experiences as long as it was done in a safe way and no one came to know about it plus we do live in a society where all this considers as a taboo and I guess we did not want to get a bad name in the society as well.

We both agreed to try more such experiences, since then I started our wonderful adventure of exposing, flashing, exhibition to unsuspecting males.

In the past years we have tried so many naughty escapades that I don’t know where to start and where to end Initially I started dressing a little more provocative. Like wearing Short skirts, tight tops, sarees with some really sexy blouses and stuff like that.

We did it in malls, parking area, lifts, the lift man from the corner of his eye would be staring and same with the watchman of the building, guy standing at parking bay. All this used to excite me a lot we would go out shopping to these road side shops and or malls show shops wearing skirt without panty or bending low when selecting the goods and all this time the shopkeeper would be getting the greatest view of my boobs, saw looking at the lust filled face of the shopkeepers, times we were going in taxis and start kissing and I started fondling boobs knowing well that the taxi driver was looking in the rear-view mirror and getting hard looking at me.


Rest is an escapade, we tried different things with shopkeepers, Delivery boys, Old uncles and Room attendants at hotels and outside too & many more, we had experiences and still continuing this journey.