The Hotel Bar MMF

It was something I had always wanted to experience but being the good girl I never really expected it to happen, yet there I was sitting in the hotel bar waiting for an online friend, in sometime Navish (my husband) sat at another table to watch me from distant.

Our new online friend Raj (Imaginary Name) and I had been chatting online for a week or so and his flirtatious nature had really gotten me excited. I had been with Navish, so the lifestyle was not new to us and the anticipation was growing gradually.

I sat sipping my drink trying to act casual as my body somewhere down tingled under the table. I was doing my best not to catch Navish’s eye from across the bar, I knew if I did I may melt into a horny teenager and rip his clothes off right there. Instead I waited for my “date”.

I saw him walk in and as casually as possible he made his way over to my table. When he sat down my heart was pounding and I was feeling dripping wet thinking of our chats in past few days. We started talking and had a drink while getting to know each other. After a few minutes I told him our room number and made my exit. He was going to wait 10 minutes and join us.

In the elevator Navish was already hard as a rock. He reached up my dress to find my recent shaved private part pulsating with desire. We could barely separate ourselves as the elevator reached our floor.

Once in the room I cleaned up and put on my new lingerie. I had chosen a sheer lacy black top with a barely there g string and a sexy new garter belt. My black lacy thigh highs attached completed the outfit just as there was a knock on the door.

Navish sat down by the bed stroking his cock as I went to get the door. I opened it just enough to reach my arm out and pull Raj in by his shirt.

Navish watched with huge horny eyes as I threw Raj, down on the hotel bed and started working his clothes off of him. I started with his shirt, kissing and nibbling my way down his chest over his hot tattoo & then down to his belt. I heard Navish moan with excitement as he watched me undo Raj’s belt and pull down his pants. Raj’s hard cock sprang up from his underwear and I gave it a little teasing lick as I finished pulling of his pants and underwear.

I looked over at Navish who was grinning from ear to ear and motioned for him to come join us. I stayed on my hands and knees with Raj on his back as Navish came behind me and started to lick me. I instantly started to moan as Navish licked on me while I took Raj’s cock deep into my throat.

I was twirling my tongue around Raj’s cock when I felt Navish slide his finger into my tight ass as he ate my pussy. It was almost more than I could handle as I was filled with desire. Raj was moaning as I took his cock into the back of my throat and licked my way back up the shaft. I told Navish to come around and lay next to Raj. I looked down at the two rock hard cocks waiting for me to take charge of them. I took turns sucking and licking each of them taking them to the edge and then backing off so we could keep going.

Raj wanted his turn with my pussy so he stood on his knees behind me as I took Navish deeper into my throat than I ever had before. As I felt Raj’s hard cock slide into my eagerly awaiting pussy I let out a deep desire-filled moan and planted my face on Navish’s cock so far that my nose was buried in his skin.

Raj slammed his cock hard into me while I worked up and down on Navish’s cock, only stopping for a moment to scream in ecstasy that I was loving being filled with cock!!! My pussy was tightening around Raj milking it as Navish and Raj both said they were ready and asked where I wanted their loads. I quickly fell onto the bed and told them to cover me like the dirty slut I was. They stood over me and blasted all over my face and tits.

I rolled over and cleaned up a bit as Raj started kissing my back. Navish knew what I was ready for without even asking me. He let Raj get me primed as he lubed up his cock. When Navish could tell from my sighs and arched back that I was at the height of my excitement he told Raj to lay down on the bed. Raj’s cock was ready for more also, and my dripping wet pussy had no problem sliding down over it. With one cock deep in my pussy I was overflowing with excitement as Navish slide his cock into my waiting ass. I let out a scream as I felt both cocks fill me with their hard eager shafts. Raj started pumping on my pussy as Navish pumped in and out of my ass. I have never felt more ecstasy and pleasure as I felt both my pussy and ass clamp down on their cocks as I begged for more and to slam me harder and harder. Navish leaned down and started to bite my back and I couldn’t hold in my screams any longer. I screamed out that I was going to cum all over the two cocks just as Navish pulled out. It was more than I could hold back and I felt my pussy pulsating and then blast my cum all over both of them.

I rolled over and fell into a satisfied heap on the bed as I lay in between the two gorgeous cocks and couldn’t help but think this was one night our escapade of lifestyle.