Swinging Lifestyle Might Be The Key To Long Happy Marriage

Allowing your partner to sleep with other people could be the key to a happy marriage, it definitely increases the bonding between couple from personal experience we can share this, openness and trust built up within some span of time. Initially yes it gives a thought that this lifestyle might ruin the relationship, but actually it happened just opposite, closeness and comfort lever between us enhanced day by day.

For marriages in which the passion and intimacy has gone, we advise embarking on an agreed “non-monogamous” relationship. It is only you and your love who can bring that passion & intimacy back in life. It was not the case anyways in our story. But it is suggestion for couples who has that feeling.

“It may be that your spouse is a terrific source of social support and intellectual stimulation but you haven’t had sex more than twice a year for the last five years with other partner and neither of you thinks that’s adequate”.

“So you could say, that’s one of the needs, to be experimental with a thought that we are going to fulfil our hidden fantasies in mind or elsewhere in real, to spice our own relation. I don’t recommend cheating, but an openly consensual non-monogamous relationship, that may very well be functional.”

Once I read somewhere that people now expect more from a partner than ever before – to be a lover, friend, confidant, therapist, and someone to help achieve their long-term goals. In very busy life, personal and professional life mix up with each other, we never realize that we are lacking something in our relationship, so why not give a chance to fulfil that gap and allow partner to have an open relationship, while still you both will be committed to each other in same way on same level, in matrimony relationship but yes for somewhere give some space, to convert your marriage into a happy married life.

It might be something else also for some people to bring that happiness in your relationship but if you have this idea somewhere in mind of fantasies, so why not to give a try and see if it works for you or not. Or at least try some other way or find what that thing can be in your relationship which can make your relationship more positive.

Yet, couples are spending increasingly less time with each other, meaning many might left unsatisfied not just sexually I am saying but it can be emotionally or mentally as well.

So to conclude I would suggest to couples for any reason if living apart or placing specific diameters on the relationship why not to give a try to this lifestyle and see if this is your key to make long happy marriage.

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