Difficult to Accept Rejections – Rejection Sucks

It is very difficult for few people in lifestyle, to accept rejection or say “NO” for themselves. They approach you like they own you and you don’t have right to say no specially if a woman rejects or say no, it really hurts their ego.

For those with a fair amount of insecurities, the sting sometimes lingers long after the bite. I tried to ignore dealing with rejected people for quite some time. I hated people asking again & again once I said “no” and I limited my interactions with them because, but really it is terribly afraid of being told “no” because once you say no it hurts their ego and from their it all starts, they will start blaming you one or the other reason. I always joke for such despo people that they’d sleep with anyone who had a pulse so they really didn’t have to tell anyone “no”.

However, as consenting adults, we should aspire to dealing with rejection in a way that respects everyone’s feelings, no matter what end of the rejection rainbow we fall.

The more you practice being rejected, the easier it becomes to accept rejection. Subsequent times, you shake it off faster and move on, beginning to realize it may not be you after all. You can’t be everything to everyone no matter how much you want it. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and amazing personality you think you may be, everyone has distinct tastes, desires, and needs that may or may not include what you have to offer. If you’re yellow, you can’t be red. You just are who you are.

It was frightening the first time we told a couple we weren’t interested. Getting over that initial hump is the first step on the road to escaping the fear. Soon after the experience, we rejected that couple really started back bitching against us with people who actually known us for quite long time and have met couple of time. We don’t expect everyone we approach to be into us, so why we should be feeling so bad about not being into everyone that approached us? It is a nice feeling to know actually honored what we want.

There are a lot of factors to consider when creating a four way connection. More often than not, we aren’t going to connect with every couple approach to us. We aren’t in this for the numbers and friendships are higher on our list of wants and needs. I’m goofy as fuck and although I seem tough as nails on the outside, I’m a sensitive mess on the inside. I need to be with other couples that understand and are cool with this concept, because in addition to being a phenomenal lays, we really do make even better friends.

I’m ending this, I am feeling it is enough for who will read my blog, please start accepting rejection in this lifestyle it is not that bad really, and it should not get hurt your ego. Take it positively, and move on.

One Comment

  1. Hi Amaya , i agree with you in the matter of accepting or rejecting any couple. one should take rejection in a sportive manner. We got rejected , because we are not modern to their level and we accepted it. Even i rejected a couple , because the male partner was irritatingly dom. Its just about compatibility .



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