The secret life of swingers: What REALLY goes on when couples swap sexual partners

Swinger Couples, also they juggle marriages, careers and daily life with swinging. Couple that starts in Secret Sex Lives: Swingers are professionals and parents also with a lively swinger’s scene’, and relationships obviously.

‘The biggest misconception about the swinger lifestyle is that we’re hooking up with people day and night, or that I’m a stripper or something. As I told in my last blog we have been swinging for almost five years we both are working professionals and well qualified.

We agree that setting ground rules is crucial in life style. ‘My hubby is not like Tiger Woods, picking up chicks behind me, back and hooking up with them. And for sure I am not a whore, who just search every now & then new clients.

Me & my hubby, double date with couples whom we choose & found compatible or else we also go with selective singles. In many ways the nervousness mirrors the awkwardness of a normal first date is always there, which is gives some goose bumps, excitement on every new meeting.

Advise for new entrants in this lifestyle, who have express interest in the lifestyle must set ground rules at initial stage. For example when, couples must decide if they will allow ‘Full Swap’, which is full no-holds-barred sex, or stop at a ‘Soft Swap’, which usually does not include intercourse or will they go for single guys for threesome or no.

If you get really lucky, then you may meet a ‘Unicorn’ – a single woman who sleeps with couples – but believe me it does not exist in max cases, everyone is looking for this girl, but no one has ever met her or 0.01 % have met her might be.

Back to our experience, initially, on an evening out with the other couples, sometime we get feel jealous after hubby talking to another woman in the bedroom holding her hand, and trust me if you get jealous you are absolutely normal, it is human nature. We also experienced same at initial stage in lifestyle, but with time, out bonding increased, trust between us enhanced our love & feelings for each other. Later on when we were meeting other Couples, who were openly flirting with us, we started loving it

But again coming back to point,

‘The biggest misconception about the swinger lifestyle is that we’re hooking up with people day and night’
Really Trust me, we have a normal life too as well, we do, Swinging and we attend sex parties with our couple friends, but don’t make an image if we are swinging we are just thinking about sex 27 X 7.

But as a swinger couple we are proud of how we are managing our ‘normal’ life in normal society, along with out kinky lifestyle, which give us option of openness & naughtiness in life. This lifestyle put emphasis on strong communication and transparency in our relationship.

Many swingers insist that their alternative lifestyle has made their marriages stronger, which is a reality.
Because the sexual experimentation which we is do with both partners’ knowledge and consent, bring us more close to each other same like other most swingers, & we do not consider it outside partners infidelity or cheating in any way. It is a secret of this lifestyle which we are enjoying and still continuing willingly.

Keep giving your views about this blog in comments.


  1. Hi,
    We did not go for same room in our first swap. We went for separate rooms and first it was awkward , to be naked before a male other than my hubby. It took us almost a month to reconcile with our new lifestyle. Slowly we started enjoying this. Definitely it makes one’s bond stronger.



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