How We Became Swingers – Part 1: My First Dare & Exhibitionism During Our Honeymoon

We got married in April 2011, Navish got only 10 days vacation for wedding as he was settled already in Dubai, so he just came for 10 days for wedding and after his vacation he left back to Dubai. So, we spent just around 8 days together in initial days of our marriage.

In May Last Week, Navish again came for Vacation to India and we planned our honeymoon in Goa. We planned for a fortnight honeymoon, we stayed in Beach Resort in Goa. It was my first experience of Goa, and I was really amazed by beaches. It was June rainy season in Goa so everyday we enjoyed the rain.

Since starting day, we were open to each other, nothing hidden or past secrets, we shared with each other each & every thing happened in our life. I told him about my affairs and he told me all about his past girlfriends, and other one-night stands. I had only one relationship before marriage to be honest and yes, we were into physical relationship too which I confronted to Navish.

The openness & friendly relation helped us a lot to build our relationship stronger. And we both accepted each other completely. As in our talks we both had lot of common things, both were naughty mind, and very frank to tell. So, 15 days of our honeymoon was full of “Sex, Sex & Sex” we didn’t spare a single moment to enjoy with each other. Even we didn’t go to much beaches in Goa because we were already staying in beach resort so mostly time we spent there was in swimming pool or on their private beach.

We got very nice room, on ground floor just in front of swimming pool, not much far from there beach as well with a balcony to sit and enjoy the beach scene just right from room.

We didn’t have any plan for baby yet, so Navish was using protection. One day during our honeymoon our packet of condoms were finished. And we were planning to go to St. Francis church, we hired a bike and decided to go. It was 12th day of our honeymoon.

I was wearing Black t-shirt, and red shorts, under that strapless bra & panty of red color. On the way suddenly Navish remembered that there are no more condoms with us and I won’t allow him without, didn’t want to take any risk and we both decided to enjoy few months of married life, and later we will decide and plan our family.

Here my first dare which Navish gave me, dirty mind he asked me if I want him to use condom, he has one condition that I have to buy it for him. I was laughing and said to him “No” I am shy I won’t buy, but he insisted that please go ahead. And after his all jokes, naughty comments on me and challenge I accepted.

I went to medical store and there was a guy standing he was around 21-22, I asked him a packet of Condom. My goodness he just smiled and asked “Madam, which brand do you want?” I asked for Durex. I became naughtier and felt something inside me, also I told him give me dotted one, he brought two packets one was plain dotted & other was Dotted last long I didn’t know till then what is the difference between both actually. I just took last long packet of 10 condoms. And paid him, still there was grin on his face. And I also gave him a naughty smile & left the store.

It was really a dare for me that day, I admit it made me naughtier for rest of our honeymoon. All credit goes to Navish.

We reached church but in our both mind’s it was running something kinky. We paid our visit to church and the packet of condom was in my short’s pocket. On returning back to our hotel, rain started and we both get wet till we reached.

I just went directly to washroom to take a shower, I was in naughty mood forgot to take anything to wear. Just I thought it’s only Navish in room so I can go without clothes also in room. But when just I went out from washroom, to my surprise Navish & a room service guy was in front of me, Navish ordered the packet of cigarette and he came to give that. And I was just in shock and didn’t know how to react, also I realized Navish has removed the curtains of windows and people were standing outside near the pool. First time someone saw me naked like that except my husband & my ex-boyfriend.

The room service guy left the room but I felt his stare on my body. Also, from outside 2-3 young guys were watching me and were smiling. But in a moment curtains were closed. Navish & I were giving a naughty smile to each other that what has happened just few moments before.

And with no time we both were on bed, cuddling each other and truly the incident made us hornier. In all our make out act the stares of other guys on my body was running in my mind somewhere, it was my first exhibitionism and that was too fully naked someone saw me. But now I can admit “Yes I really enjoyed the unplanned incident”

While making out, Navish wore the condom, it was same which I bought Durex Dotted Long Last. But it really took too long to Navish to ejaculate, and I was so tired more than 40-45 minutes and him & I really wanted to finish it. I asked him to remove the condom and do it as both were in heat and could not control ourselves without ejaculating and reaching at the pleasurable moment. He removed the condom and started in missionary position once again after 5-10 minutes finally he cum just all inside me. And it was my first time when I felt someone’s cum inside me, cannot describe that feeling but yes it was just beyond awesome.

Same night again we enjoyed but again same happened with the last long condoms, it took really so long, and again we did not have any choice and removed it, did without condom. And second time he came inside me I felt his all cum flowing inside me, I could feel each drop of it.

Next day he brought another packet of condom Durex Dotted but not last long this time. We left back to home on 15th day, reached home and after 3-4 days Navish left for Dubai again.

After few days I realized I skipped my periods, so brought pregnancy test kit, which confirmed that I am pregnant. Oh My God! We were not expecting this so soon, confirmed later with laboratory test oh yes it was positive. I Shifted to Dubai to stay with Navish, in second month.

I told this to Navish over phone he was so excited as it was not planned but we decided now to continue and did not want to go for other option we accepted it as part of life. Also, somewhere the thing was running in mind that packet of condom was in my pocket when we were in church and both condoms didn’t work for us so might be it was decided by God – The Almighty. After 3-4 months in first ultrasound scan my doctor confirmed, I conceived twins’ babies. And in January 2012 we became parents, due to twins’ pregnancy & some complication doctor has operated me in eighth month.

So this was my first naughty dare & first exhibitionism experience. Many of my fans & followers asked me to write about how we came into this lifestyle, I think this was the start. I will write about our first swapping encounter in next part if this but when can’t say…. but if you like to read please message me, share this blog and it will depend on responses, likes & shares of this blog.

With Love,



  1. It’s been great reading about your experiences, you really write well, at times it was like watching a clip, so explicitly explained. I started following you on Facebook and then on Tumblr.
    No intention to be in bed with you, that doesn’t mean you are beyond my liking, just because I have nothing to offer you back.

    But I will keep adoring you, from a distance, may be someday we three can sit for a coffee in Dubai!!

    Take care and have loads of fun!!
    Love!!! 😘



  2. It is the small little things in life which creates the whole experience. It is lovely to share nice moments of your life. Keep it up. 🙂



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