5 KINKIEST Things We Did

After A long time once again bringing something from my experience diary, Do any of these scenarios ? Here’s what some kinky things I can confess we did when no one was watching.

  1. We go to clubs on the weekends.

“We go to night clubs, in weekends, and do some flash and teasing, where no one knows us personally, and no one will judge us. We are not conservative anymore in every other realm… except sex. We have kids, and now we’re in mid-thirties. We go to clubs every to have group experiences with other couples while other partiers watch. We’ve finally found our groove after 5 years of marriage.”

  1. We have sex in public places.

“My Husband and I grab and fondle each other in unpopulated aisles of stores or libraries. If there was a silent corner or aisle, we would just grind on each other — not just dry-humping, but full-on moaning and biting. Then we would stop and pretend it never happened. We also used to have a remote control vibe and we would use it on each other in public places as well. If you made a sound, the other would give you a hickey or bite your neck.”

  1. I snorted drugs off his penis.

“My hubby and I experimented with drug one night and thought I’d spice things up by doing a line off the shaft of his penis. Needless to say, it both got their hearts racing more than one way. That moment still resonates in his mind and still drives him wild. I wouldn’t condone doing this and don’t advise that it would make sex better. It definitely was a mix of a drunken night that led to blow.”

  1. We filmed a porn together.

“I did a porn shoot with my husband, my boyfriend, and with few more I dressed as bride or other different dresses and did role plays, sometime it really excites you.

  1. We make sex into a workout.

My husband created ‘sex exercise’. It takes the concept of hard training a high-intensity interval training workout into the bedroom. We use a workout soundtrack from YouTube and then have 4 minutes of sex, changing position every 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest after 20 seconds of activity. It’s a great way to start the day. It gets the heart rate up, is quick enough to fit in before kids start arriving at the bedroom door, and it’s fun. 

There many more to tell but some other time surely will write about it.


Your’s Loving,





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