Happy End to the Night – Amaaya, Navish – Chloe, Rick & Derek

Rick and Chloe, our one of very close couple friend, matched our enthusiasm and eagerness to explore swapping and some girl on girl action.  For that reason, it wasn’t a typical week night get-together with another couple, it was a rare and special kid-free night where two almost-strangers sprawled on our giant couch naked, ready for “whatever”. Our friend Derek also joined us to be part of a wild night.

The moment had finally come; my seeing and feeling the vibrational effect of my husband push into another woman, filling her young pussy with her first married man.  The first moment of sharing passionate upside-down kisses with a girl while I fuck her man.  We fucked in unison, we moaned together in such sultry melodies, we shared and we soothed one another.

Using protection was the right thing to do, however the use of the condoms just wasn’t allowing it to be very enjoyable.  I try to avoid them because it feels different, it feels almost like using a dildo.  So, I think we all longed to fuck without the desensitization.  To remedy this, we changed positions to reconnect with our own partners, skin to skin.

Derek started kissing me and fingering me, which kept me in a nice warm head space.  Chloe sat close by, rubbing her pussy and moaning while jerking her hand up and down Rick’s cock.  I think Rick at that time was whispering in Chloe’s ear about how sexy she was getting fucked by a married man.  Though they hadn’t been together long, this couple’s sexual chemistry was remarkably strong.  If I hadn’t been so distracted by the mind-blowing fingering my husband & Derek was giving me, I would have watched them more intently.

Derek decided it was a good time for us to put on our show more intense.  I never really know how people will react when I make a huge wet spot, or when I squirt across a room, or when I just gush a little; I just have to go through it and then see.  Two fingers hook into me, a knee gets pushed back and my legs are pulled open.  Derek works like a professional, pulling the spray from me in less than a minute.  It is almost humiliating how easy it is for him to trigger my explosion, it happens so swiftly that it makes me feel apologetic. And my husband joined Rick to give pleasure to Chloe. They both were sucking her boobs & I started licking Chloe.

At first, my body doesn’t want to lose control like that, it fights the relentless warmth and the swell, it pushes back, and my thoughts flee when my efforts prove fruitless.  And then I work with the feeling, I push, and I pull.  Then I let go.

“Oh my god you are so hot, that was so hot!” Chloe was close enough that she was sprayed in the arm.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” Rick smiled at me, I took that as a good impressive.

“Thank you, I almost can’t stop it now.” I get a little embarrassed.

I quickly scanned my mind for bucket list items we might be able to check off, but my endorphins made it hard to remember my name, let alone that blog post.  (Though, I admit that several times I thought about what good blog material this was.)

I sensed that Chloe was a bit submissive, and I felt so confident in that moment I wanted to take control.  I let Derek remain in charge on my wet pussy to play, but since this was new territory I was going to take full advantage and have no regrets.

Thinking quickly, I proposed a new scenario that might be fun, “Rick, can you fuck her from behind? And Chloe, can you lay on top of me?”

I wanted to hold her.  It was more than to just play with her nipples and kiss her. I felt a bond with her, it was nice being this close to another girl intimate passionate sex has been reserved for my husband so this was exploring a taboo for us.  (As a reminder, the rule is that if my husband doesn’t have anyone to kiss then I don’t.

Chloe climbed on top of me, between my open legs, our breasts smashed together so our cleavage resembled a glowing diamond. I felt the soft skin of her petite body stretch and begin to stick to me.  I felt her mound meet mine. Her knees came to rest on the couch bookending my body.   She took over my mouth for a passionate tongue-filled kiss, and seconds later I knew Rick had entered her because she sucked in my breath with a gasp.

She fitted him like a glove; her body rode his turbulent hips and then matched thrusts with a smack. 

Smack Smack Smack Smack

I reached down and rubbed Chloe’s sweet young clit.

I wanted to play her body like an instrument.  If I pluck here what reaction does it elicit?  If I push in there can I make her hum?  I had a road map for this trip based on my own likes and dislikes, but her topography varied quite a bit from mine.  Plus, she was a bit busy getting fucked by her boyfriend at the moment.

She murmured, “I’m so close, I’m gonna cum again.”

I picked up the pace of movement and slid over and around her swelling clit roughly.  Derek reached down and pushed three hooked fingers into me, a welcome surprise which did not deter me from attending to Chloe.  My husband’s barrage on my g-spot caused me to burst, squirting all over her cunt and stomach.

She gasps, still rocking on his cock at such a fast pace, “Oh my god I feel it all over me! Oh my god that is so hot!”

I have no control over the need to apologize, “I’m so sorry I squirted all over you.” When you’ve just dowsed another person in your cum, it feels natural.

“No, don’t say sorry.” She gasped as he started fucking her even faster.  “That was so sexy!”

“I felt that too!” Rick added.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack

Derek stood by our heads and we eagerly took turns taking him in our mouths.  When we both kissed and licked up and down his shaft at the same time, he erupted in white hot spurts all over my titties.  I wrapped my arm tightly around Chloe and she put her head down on my shoulder, giving Rick proper resistance.  I reached down to feel his balls slapping hard and fast on her ass.  Then I moved back to pressing on her clit as he pushed all the way in her tight little body.

Rick’s stamina was waning after fifteen minutes, and asked Derek, “a little help buddy?”  Derek grabbed Chloe by the hips and started ramming her little body back into Rick’s cock.  Her moans needed to be muffled even more now.  Derek put a finger in her ass and her sounds changed. After Derek My husband grabbed her and I was still playing with her boobs and waiting to get something inside when Derek came and did the job ah awesome feeling it was his big dick was what I needed.

She whimpered in a different way this time.

“Oh you like something in your ass?” Suddenly I felt excited for possibilities I’ve never dreamed of.  I suddenly wished I had a toy handy.  Or many.

“Uh huh, I do, I’m kinky.” She breathlessly shared, smiling so sexy.  I could tell she was so close.

“I want you to cum!” Suddenly I felt comfortable in this dominant role.

Derek pushed his finger deeper in her tight ass, then managed to work a finger inside her pussy adding to Rick’s girth.  The added friction finally sent Rick over the edge and he pumped his beautiful young girlfriend full of cum.  His cries of pleasure crowned this moment like the grand finale of a fireworks show.  I enjoyed hearing him, not many men make noises like he did.

But then again not many men fill their girlfriend’s pussy after she was thrust back on to him by the husband of the woman lying under her, the one fingering her clit.

Eager to extend the experience, and fulfill a fantasy of Derek’s, we switched off toying with and tasting her cum-filled pussy.  Rick had released quite a bit of cum in her.  It was turning us all on again but we knew if we didn’t get to bed that getting to work the next morning would be a problem.

We briefly chatted about our next meeting, making a plan to play with a double dildo next time.  At the moment the four of us yawned simultaneously, I decided to make their bed.  Within moments we retired to our own spaces and fell fast asleep in a sex haze.

Early the next morning, we all hugged goodbye.

Still More to Come with More Experiences.


Your’s Loving,




  1. It was awesome sweetie, consider adding some pictures in your upcoming articles. Even if they are not yours, doesnt matter much. Just visualize the action which you are mentioning in your blog.



  2. Step by step u made moments more n more interesting n acts of co-coordination(positions as u explained) has been aroused feeling inside … words r not feeling enough to explain this feeling…
    Waiting for ur next meeting experience…



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