First Swap Experience – How I Did Something Unbelievable

From long times lots of my fans, friends, followers asking how we get into this lifestyle, in my few blogs I have given a hint, that nothing was prepared, planned to get into this lifestyle, but yes from starting or our married life we both were so open to each other and naughty / kinky as well. Hope you read my blog about our honeymoon as well, and exhibitionism too.

So here I am, today I am gonna tell, our incidental true story happened wit us, and how we became swingers, our first swap experience which was happened on 13 December 2012.

Let’s start, as I told our first swap experience was unplanned, happened incidental, we never discussed before this incident about swingers lifestyle but yes we were aware about this lifestyle.

We were in India and visited our very close friends place, they were Navish’s very close friends (Megha & Tarun) since College, and I also were acquaintance even before marriage, so after marriage we had nice bonding. The had kids of age 8 & 5, and our kids by then were almost an year old.

They had two bedrooms in their flat, after 2-3 days of our stay in their home, their kids wanted to sleep with our kids, as young kids always fascinate to handle infants, so we decided we will let them sleep in one room and we both couples will have drink in other bedroom and sleep there only. Later we watched movie on television and had few drinks, and decided to put off lights and sleep. All were bit tipsy, we put 3 Mattress on the floor make our beds and sleep all 4 people, it was enough space for all of us. We two females were in between and both guys were at the corners.

In late night Megha woke up to go to washroom to pee, and from their all this incident happened, when she was in washroom, I was in deep sleep and just took over side and turn to other side and was beside Tarun till then. Megha was also half asleep, came back and just slept again but this time by Navish side. But no one knew what has happened and where it will turn into in new few hours.

Till now everyone was sleeping and no one knew what has happened, as we were not besides our own partners. After some time, Tarun cuddled me, and I was not aware actually that he is Tarun not my hubby Navish, so it was normal for me as I was thinking he is Navish. It was all dark in room, kids were sleeping in another room.

Tarun by then put his feet up and we each started to massage each others feet but we both were doing it with our own partners as what we were thinking half asleep and I was so much sleepy so let him do what he was doing. Unknown to me, Tarun had been moving up her leg rapidly while I was still rubbing his leg with my leg. He put his head back near to my face with his eyes closed as his hands were up to my thighs. I grabbed his hand and guided it to my boobs other hand was still on thighs. Slowly, He moved his hand over to my pussy and inserted his hand in my Capri and panty by then. He moved the spandex fabric aside and inserted his finger between my labia and over clit. I was bit awake but still half asleep, and I was thinking in mind that Navish is in naughty mood and other couple is sleeping beside us so let him play little bit and I was also actually enjoying it and got bit aroused but unaware that he is my husband’s friend not him. We were in same blanket, and then he started removing my capri which I did not object and helped him to do it, later he removed my spaghetti as well and I was just in Panty beside my husband’s friend, unaware and my hubby was sleeping besides his wife, but unwittingly.


Obviously it was because of alcohol as well & the heat of that moment I was unconsciously responding to Tarun, but in mind he was Navish only. By then, he was playing with my pussy and boobs and I was rubbing his dick with my hand. I was in ecstasy and was enjoying his hands, when he removed my panty also and I was fully naked and he removed his bermuda also, so we both were fully naked by then. I directed his one finger inside my pussy and he was playing with it nicely I was so excited. It was an absolutely erotic scene that was consented by both of us but accidental with not our own partners. After I guided his hand back into the depths of my labia to stroke my clit, I hold his dick and was rubbing it and removed his foreskin.

We started giving oral, and our lips met it was first time I kissed someone else after marriage but unknowingly, it was nice and awesome we both in mind were playing with our own partners. After a long kiss he started to suck my nips, which are my weak but sensual part in my body and I could not control my soft moans, while he was sucking I moved him and just get on top of him, and it was the first time after my marriage I was holding a dick of someone else and was stroking, after a handjob for a while, someone else’s dick was inside me, inadvertently that it is not my hubby’s but his friend’s dick. I was moaning uffff….. ahhhh till then and just lay down on his body and were kissing to each other.

Suddenly we heard one more moan, and get to know that Megha & Navish also indulged in same activity inside their blanket, it was strange incident we were having pleasure with someone else on same bed, but no one was aware what is happening, till now it was around 5 am.

After few minutes of slow fucking in excitement, Tarun blasted his load inside me, into the back wall of my vagina in excitement and flow of his sperms inside me I also had orgasm. I laid on the bed he sucked my my as he tried to ram his semi-erect penis back into me. His attempts at getting back inside were getting weak as it was late, he lost his erection. I moved down to him and started sucking his dick with all mix of my orgasm & his sperms over it. Of course, I was wet, my clit and pussy lips. I wanted to wash, so get up and removed the blanket first time from face, when I saw in some light through window, Oh Mah Gosh, he is not Navish, but Tarun, and he saw my face and we both were in a shock moment that how this happened, we were just thinking when we both realized on the other side we realized Navish & Megha also intimated, and Megha was also moaning bit softly than me but were still inside blanket, I moved my hand to remove the blanket but Tarun stopped me. In few moments they both also removed the blanket and it was the first time when we all four were aware, what has happened in night and realized the truth of incident. I was feeling awkward, remembering that just few minutes before, the combination of our sex juices were getting swallowed by me. And I felt so exhausted that how I didn’t notice his naked prick popped inside my vaginal canal.


We all saw each other and gave smile to each other, we all four were naked, but even could not believe till now what has happened, it was all mix of anxiety, shy, excitement and for sure the pleasure too.

Tarun was the first who broke silence and said to me, Amaaya …. “You’re good.”

I replied “No, I am a bad girl for letting you fuck me?”

Couldn’t believe How I Did Something Unbelievable…. but truth was that I enjoyed it and it was purely unintentional, unpremeditated & impromptu.

Later we just laid on bed but this time with our own partners, no one was saying anything but still all naked, all were very quiet, possibly ashamed that what we have done.

After an hour or so, we all got up and prepared breakfast, and discussed what all happened and how it happened actually. We all admitted that it was ecstatic experience, and we all trust each other that it will be between us only and we will remain good friends same as we were before this incident. While discussing all this still in my mind I was feeling how it was when Tarun’s cock enter my pussy and felt the same warmth of his cum coating the passage of her vagina.

So this was our first swap, how it happened, till now Megha and Tarun are our close friends even much closer than before and yes sometime we had swap again after this incident and whenever we get chance to meet, they are not swingers but only share those moments with us, but we decided to explore this lifestyle more and still exploring till now.

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With Love,



  1. Owsm… i think all short films like this inspired by ur incident….
    But the best part is that after knowing this at morning u guys manage to understand each other without any chapar-chapar… and still very good, best n close friends without swinging now as u said….
    And after that exploring ur fantasies is ur own choices…



  2. The narration is really great i felt like i am in it. But i felt like the first person who who started and involved in fondling must have felt the little differece… Thinking of the feeling at that moment is very erotic.. I am overwhelmed. Thank you dear.



  3. It’s said Unexpected friendships are the best ones, as very well said that the episode was unplanned and not done in any bad intention which is very important. Somethings are there not to be discussed and it’s had to felt.



  4. Yes thats indeed something hot that happened between u 4 , but must have been embarrising too at first .

    I admit reading your first incident gave me a Turned On .

    Avisa Navish thee best cpl on the planet.



  5. It is very unlikely to happen this way. I would even doubt if it was planned and only you were not aware of it. But, I will trust you and consider that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.



  6. Hey loved ur blog… It’s very arousing and sensually written… In this incident just wanted to ask you one technical details…. Initially say u are B and you were sleeping ABCD and than ACBD… Bt wudnt you have known that earlier A was in ur left and how come he is on your right side.



  7. Reblogged this on Dom Kujo and commented:
    This is a most beautiful and well written of a very wonderful sexual experience. What a fantastic way to ease into the LS unintentionally. We both had to fuck after reading this. We LOVE real stories from real Tuesday, April 02, 2019 folks. A great deal can be learned as well as experienced from others. We look so forward to more real stories. Thank you much.



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