My Experience in Yerevan As A Stripper – Part 2

Hello everyone, first of all thank you for all of you for reading my blogs and giving such love and affection, I am really glad to get such responses to my blogs.

Secondly sorry from last few months I was really very busy so couldn’t get time to write for you.

From long time since I posted blog about my Yerevan experience, I received lot of messages to write about the next visit to strippers’ club, so today here I am writing my own experience of Yerevan Night Club as a Stripper, hope you all will give same love to this blog and upcoming blogs.

For some reason we could not go to next day to meet Fatima again, but I promised Fatima to visit her once before we leave Yerevan.

So after two days, our last night in Yerevan, Capital city of Armenia, me & Mridul decided to go to meet Fatima as we had flight next day afternoon, so we could manage to go to a club.

Around 21:00 – 21:30  we reached to the club where we met Fatima once again, she is really a sweetheart, and yes till now we are in touch through Whatsapp. She introduced us an exotic dancer, Clarice is the kind of lady who can give any man a heart attack. Fatima told me Clarice perform only on special occasions in club, and mentioned especially “Only for men with strong hearts” she joked, we all laughed and I nodded with an agreement.

Clarice took me to the VIP section of a strip club where there were private rooms with limited number of guests obviously they pay bit more to get more privacy. She told me that she had just come from making a middle-aged Chinese constructor sweat who offered her a great amount to perform for him in private.

Clarice told me that, she is a 25-year-old mother of two (she adopted one of the children), who makes her living as a stripper. She thinks her job is crazy, unpredictable and misunderstood.

And like many in the trade, Clarice lives a double life.

“Her parents don’t know that she does this for earning. Not even her friends and neighbors know,” she opens up.

“She confessed honestly don’t know what will happen if they find out. I have never thought about that. But she enjoys her work now”

This time I had come to the club seeking something more to get experience of this please. I sat with her wondering: What is a girl’s motivation for taking her clothes off for a living? Is it out of desperation?

Does she enjoy dancing naked in front of strangers? Is it the money or the attention? All these questions were running in my mind and I wanted to get answers from Clarice.

“Clarice has studied at one of best school in country. Although her parents wanted her to go to university, but she wanted to be a dancer,” she recalls.

She was introduced to exotic dancing and has never looked back since then. The men and women who watch her dance are amazed by her skills. She sashayed down the stage and grabbed a metal pole that stuck out from the middle of the stage then stretched her legs. The air was immediately filled with catcalls and whistles. Male eyes peered through the hazy smoke towards her.

I observed as men watched her from all sides. I saw a couple of them drooling.

After her first performance there I really became fan of her, she was truly amazing Diva, in her rest time I asked the questions which were in my mind, and she just replied, “Oh Amaaya! It is tough to answer verbally for your all questions, why don’t you join me in my next performance and experience it all, what it is actually.” I just laughed and said Clarice I am not even near to you in dancing I don’t think I can do this with the grace she does. She again invited me let’s give a try if you are okay with it I will help you on stage.

The idea to perform in strip club really gave me goose bumps on my body allover and that’s also when Navish is not with me, I requested for some time to decide.

I thought about it and then decided to give it a try, why not actually I have that kink in me.

I agreed to Clarice and then she gave me a very skimpy dress to wear, which I went to their changing room and get into this, it was all over transparent skirt only my nips & vagina was bit hidden, rest all my body was visible.

And after few minutes she invited me to come with her on stage, there were around 20-30 guys in that private area of club and she had to perform in front of all, and then music started and she announced from stage that one of her friend who came from Dubai, wants to perform with her, and it was me.

I just reached on the stage and my heart beating so fast was, just was thinking what is going to happen in next few minutes.

And here we both started dancing, I was just trying to follow her steps as it was bit tough for me, but I tried. And here the times comes where Clarice removed her top, and looked at me I was still double minded should I go for it, but Clarice just came near to me and helped me to remove my Top, and my upper part of body was bare in front of so many guys and all were staring at me. And then after few more moves of dance we both were fully naked on the stage. It was an amazing experience, never this happened in swingers experience where I was naked and these many eyes were on me & her body only.

Later stage of performance is to go to tables where guys drinking and ask them if they wanna touch them, and Clarice took me also with her to each n every table and all guys were touching my bare body, someone was touching on my nips & someone tried to touch on pussy. I was feeling so horny as well.

It was really an amazing experience and very different from whatever we have done in swingers lifestyle. I have performed with her then in her main area for normal public also in her last performance for the night, where more guys were there it was crowded and around 150 guys were there if I am not wrong.

So this was my experience as stripper, which was experience of an exotic, mix of seduction and mystery.

How I look now while remembering that experience, when I took my clothes off was really a key to kinkiness in my mind.

Hope you all will love this experience as well, please do not forget to give your comments & feedback.

With Love,



  1. Waooo Amaaya what an experience you had. Exciting, Exotic and Sexy.
    Dancing, striping and being Naked is a Deadly cocktail as far as men are concern, it cud go either way…. So being safe is very important. Good she was with u on the dance stage.

    Glad u liked n Enjoyed it



  2. Hi amaaya I’m frm New Delhi and a bachelor right now but soon to be married I really like ur mind n ur thinking towards swinging and others stuff my q is hve ever tried lesbian sex or bdsm in ur experience thanking you nitin



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