Should I Clarify….? Fake or Real, But Why…?

Recently I wrote a blog about my experience with Indian Men Vs Men from other nationalities as per my experience. Believe me I received number of Nonsense messages and D… Pics, and people asking me give a chance so they can show me talent of their manhood as Indian man.

Firstly those morons must understand, woman won’t jump in bed with you if your male organ is of an extraordinary length so stop sending such pics, and because you show it to her on your first interaction without even introducing yourself will not make you any macho man.

Recently I had one more bad experience after my post of previous blog, someone hacked my fb ID and I have lost contact with my all fans & followers, and suddenly one day I received a message from one of my follower that why I Used net pics and posted on my fb, I couldn’t understand what he is talking about, but lately I realized the person who succeeded in hacking my fb profile posted some net pics in my fb profile, gave a chance to my haters to troll me on Facebook. I saw lot of posts against me, but then I thought do I really need to give any clarification for their judgment, Should I clarify….? But really why…? So I decided to kept quiet and see what people say and who are trolling me.

But then I liked one comment in trolls, where one of guy who approached me with very fancy offers, commented why Indian men think from their balls not from the brain, I completely agree with him on this, but it must be implemented on him as well, why he did not accept my rejection and stopped following me. Also he mentioned I have changed skin tone in my many pics and no one realized, but seriously if you are noticing that much of me, and never realized the edited pics with professional filters, and still you were following me and observing my pics, but for what?

And then I realized mostly trolls are from who somehow considered me as competition or jealous or who got my rejection even though they offered me handsome amount to be with them on bed. If you couldn’t impress me with all your efforts you made, you all were just waiting for something to troll me out on social media, if it really makes you happy go ahead, but it will not affect me in any way.

Just all this made me humorous day for me, I don’t need cheesy people who flatter me every now & then but for sure even I don’t care if you are Sex God to pick me up, you can write anything to make yourself confident but be a mannerly if you do not know the reality of social media. You are just making yourself an asshole judgmental who’s desperate to get into the lady’s pant and start writing anything without knowing the reality. Anyways for this hacking issue I will be out of social media for some time, but I promise to my all followers that I will be back who still like to follow me and to connect with me. Till then you can connect with me.

I know many of you will show interest in trolling me, which I really do not care & obviously there are few who still have brain to think instead of their balls.

As a woman in this alternate lifestyle still I have my right to enjoy it in my own way and no one can stop me from that. I leave this opinion of real & fake on my real fans & followers, to decide.

Your valuable comments and feedback on my blogs will be highly appreciated, which will continuously motivate me to write more.

With Love,