Play Party – On Birthday of a Special Friend

Recently in March Month this year, our one special friend John from Ireland organized his birthday party and invited us too, we have met him couple of time and “Hell Ya” had intimate too with him. He told us that he is organizing a play party this time on his birthday and inviting few couples friends and as well single friends from lifestyle. And as he admire me a lot he invited us as couple to join his party and insisted to come which I could not deny and accepted and confirmed him that we will definitely join.

He organized party on one of best resort in City he booked a Sea view villa with big hall, and the birthday party took place in the form of a sensual and erotic formal dinner, followed by a play party. It was one of the most liberating and sexy experiences I’ve had from our group parties. Being in that huge space, surrounded by like-minded individuals & couples, indulging in amazing food, wine, and then all kinds of touch was an outstanding experience.

Our Swinging Life’s couple friend also joined as group with whom we had intimate earlier as well. And all those who have seen us our wild part of life, recognized us, with the space since the big dinner party and bathroom play party scene also took place there. There was an incredible meal served by sexy, masked servers who touched and tantalized all ladies as they made their way around the room. The food was sensuous and flavorful but they knew not to serve huge portions so we wouldn’t be too full to indulge into the onsite play party after the meal.

I was just remembering our last group party which was actually disastrous experience as we didn’t like it much which was few months before organized by a newly swinger couple, I was pretty nervous this time and did not want to spoil it again but people who joined here were pretty known so I was more comfortable in and was ready by mind to enjoy the play portion of the evening.

After sometime Shine (One of our couple friend) announced that birthday boy is coming soon to join the party for who all this was organized so he said, ‘Take off your clothes! To welcome the birthday boy’ while the birthday boy was out of the room, instead of worrying or any hesitant few of people started undressing and just had undies on them, I also decided to utilize the bravery of the enthusiastic people as my own and dove head into the proceedings, stripping down to my sexy undies also helped to Navish to do so. When John came to hall, he was happily surprised to be greeted by a room full of people in their underwear. John just saw me at first and directly came to me and kissed me on lips, and announced in party as I am his special guest for his birthday party to be honored.

Emboldened by my uncharacteristic bravery, I kept channeling it and once we’d moved into the play space, I asked a fully-dressed guy John, I didn’t know very well if he thought he was wearing too many clothes and if he wanted me to help remedy that. He did want that. Shortly after, when the first few people got completely naked, we did the same and one of the sexy party goers crossed the room excitedly to get his hands on my body. Navish got busy with his favorite couple’s wife from Moldova, I stood for several minutes while a group of 5 or 6 people touched and stroked me and make jokes about my ass being Grade A+, Heaven!

From here, the night gets rather blurry, but I have flashes of the exceptional moments of the play party, which was an awesome experience and quite the opposite of the fear and anxiety fest I’d previously encountered. I am mentioning what all I loved there point wise

  • Squirting into the eager mouth of Olivia, a woman I’d met but barely known previously, as she went down on me.
  • Bracing a desk against the force of a man fucking his wife on it while I fingered Olivia on same desk.
  • Watching Reina and Olivia together. The love and intimacy between the girlfriends was incredibly moving to witness.
  • Discovered myself in a Bathroom play party with full of people where no one was with his or her own partner and was showering each other to get more wet n wild.
  • Guys Fucking one woman, then jokingly calling out, “Next!” and having another woman immediately ask to fuck her.
  • I did a quick condom change, for 2 guys who asked me to join them and lately complimented me as stunningly hot.
  • Doing gratuitous bending to pick things up off the floor. Getting spanked by Flick in that fully bent over position until my legs gave out.
  • Asking for a kiss from the sexiest server, who’d stayed for the party, and receiving delicious biting kisses from him.
  • Sucking again Olivia’s husband’s dick before he fucked my other friend, after he left to clean up, kissing her deeply. Kissing him upon his return after the question, “May I kiss you
  • Blowing Flick on the desk again while Reina played with my nipples and Olivia pressed up behind me, stroking and kissing me until he moved to fondle with his balls and he came inside me.
  • Lying side by side with as we got off with our choice of guy.
  • Flick working me over with again with John to give him special gift on his birthday. Having convulsive pleasure waves that reportedly had people watching from all around the room. Hysterical laugh-gasm when finally some of group members get off and left the party.
  • We 3 couples and 2 single friends stayed there for night stay and left from there next morning.

If you happen to be in the Bay area with sexy group of friends, I’d highly recommend attending a party, First time I enjoyed at fullest an Our Gourmet Group of Swinger’s Life party play. It’s an outstanding experience that I’m really glad I got to have and to share it with you.

And it’s true. I totally do fuck like a rock star that night.

Please share with me if you also have such experience or if you have any such fantasy! Do not forget to comment and give your love for me as usual and thank you all of you to encourage me to write and share more from my experience Diary.

With Love,



  1. Once again thanks sharing such a 3D party. Just dreaming about the party thru my my imagination.Would like to know how can I connect you thru social media. Hope to receive more articles on such delicious articles. Stay fit and blessed.



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