After my recent blog about the birthday party, I got many messages to write more about any of our experience of swingers party so here you go,

One Saturday afternoon looking at our facebook profile on our swinger social account, we got a message by private that caught our attention, in which we were told that a party had been organized for that same night, that couples would come very attractive and that they would like us to attend, if the answer would be yes they would indicate us time and address.
 A chill mixture of fear and curiosity ran through our bodies, in this sense we were totally newbies that time in lifestyle, having gone to the few couple meets but never to such an event, we did not doubt it much and answered that we would be delighted. 

Soon a message arrived with the location and schedule, all a little mysterious but exciting ... we began to choose the what we are gonna wear with great care, the black never fails, some light and an Armani set that I had given as gift from close friend, some beautiful black shoes, a dress so short that you could see the ornaments of the medium, undoubtedly a delight for any fetishist, good girl perfume by CH and an intense red lipstick Yves Saint Laurent, it seems that the night promised pleasant surprises. We got in the car and programmed the browser to the location they had given me, we start to drive to the location and asked if I was beautiful, Navish could not take his eyes off my legs, He could see my light blacks, start here started the adventure. 

After a half-hour drive, we entered an urbanization of houses and houses of high economic level, the GPS navigator with his computerized voice informed us that we had reached our destination.
We took a deep breath, we shook hands and we deposited to call the doorman, a light came on and a camera focused on us, we opened the door and a very polite and correct party guest greeted us and introduced himself, commented that Amaaya is looking beautiful A little blushing smiled and thanked.
He opened the door of the house and we found a party full of laser lights and music at a high volume, from the outside you could not tell anything was surprising, many couples came to greet us in turns, at the end they introduced you all. Beautiful with little dresses some already in lingerie, a square table was full of all kinds of drinks and food. Immediately the owners of the house greeted us, very educated people put everything at our disposal. The atmosphere was very pleasant alcohol consumption in this type of parties is moderate, we talked with a couple about a local or anecdote of our environment, the night passed between looks and laughter, you notice if a couple attracts you and you know your partner and you know what you like ...
At about twelve o'clock the host took a microphone and with a determined voice said that all the girls had to move to change, Maria ignored and all disappeared together, all men alone in expectation, what would they be doing?
After a few minutes that were eternal, I'm not used to leaving alone like this, it's one of our rules "all together”, but we trusted our hosts, all ladies were given some sort of dresses and asked to change to it by our sizes, one of sexy nurse, another of police, I took a dress of belly dancer, I noticed a girl from a couple who attracted us, tall brunette something younger than us, the boy caring and quite friendly.
Then the couples began to merge, kisses caresses, moans, girls kissing each other in each occupied space...
Do not forget to give your feedback & comments for the next part.



  1. Hi dear,

    Always your articles raise my heart beat …….
    Thanks for sharing, curious to receive more such tasteful articles.

    Stay healthy and blessed



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