The 10 swinger commandments

1. You will not try to break up any marriage, nor will you try to establish a stable relationship. In these cases you can not get involved romantically.

2. You will respect the appointments that you agree and you will notify opportunely in case of any unforeseen change.

3. You will go to the first date with the idea of ​​Swinger, not to waste your neighbor's time.

4. Never for any reason you will put pressure on anyone to force him to practice the swinger, whether it is your partner.

5. You will not talk about the Swinger lifestyle with people who have not expressed any interest in it. You will respect the ideologies and moral beliefs of others, even when they do not respect yours.

6. You will protect the anonymity of the Swinger people, with the same zeal that you defend yours and you will always use pseudonyms. You will not provide telephones, addresses or names of anyone, much less the meeting points of appointments, without prior authorization.

7. You will take care of your hygiene and personal appearance to the maximum.

8. Do not do anything that disparages or gives a bad name to the Swinger lifestyle.

9. Be friendly and behave warmly with your Swingers friends, but keep in mind that there is a certain type of emotional zone that only belongs to that person's partner. Never invade territories that do not belong to you.

10. Practice safe sex, use the condom and everything that protects both your health and that of others.

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