Topic 1: Anal Sex (Part -2) – My Personal View & Experience

As I have mentioned in my first part of topic, Mostly men want to try anal sex with their sexual partner, and Navish is no stranger to the pleasures of anal sex.

But I had my reservations about this topic though in starting, not in the act itself, but in some of the things I’ve heard people talk about in relation to it and mostly about the pain it causes. But after experiencing it thoroughly I can say it, there are so many wonderful things that can be experienced when exploring anal sex, for any orientation or gender.

So here in this part I would say about my personal view & experience of “Anal Sex”

For some reason I constantly heard about how much anal sex hurts, I would say initially yes it hurts it pains and same was my experience but now after experiencing it with my sexual partners, my personal experience with the act I could say is amazing. If you take a phallic shaped object, and try to slam it into the anus with no preparation of course it will hurt. In fact, this can cause bleeding and tearing of the mucus membranes. I would say, “When you shove something up your ass, make sure to lube up and stretch everything beforehand. Also, if it hurts, you’re doing it WRONG.”

I’ve always looked at anal anything, when you are inserting something at the very least, as something to take your time with. Start getting ready at LEAST a week before hand, two if you want to be totally safe. Start with something small, like a finger. Lube it up and just play around back there for a while, there are nerve endings around the anus that can incite great feelings if you softly run a finger over them.

When you decide you want to start inserting your finger make sure you’ve used the bathroom beforehand and have washed the area. If you have a diet that had lots of leafy greens, this should clean you out pretty well. If your partner can’t get over a little poo when fucking you in the ass, then your partner shouldn’t be doing any fucking back there. Lube up your finger and slowly insert it, take your time and never rush.

After the first finger you can slowly start moving up to more fingers, when you have two in you can start to carefully scissor them, which will help to stretch everything out. A good rule of thumb is that if it hurts, don’t do it again and start from one finger again. As you continue to explore and play around, you’ll find that you can add more and/or bigger things over time.

This leads me back to the point of pain. If you prepare properly for any anal escapades, there should be NO PAIN WHATSOEVER. I can’t stress this enough, there is no reason for there to be any pain when you have anal sex. When you play around with your backdoor, it should be fun and pleasurable. Never, unless that is the goal, should it be painful. So, go forth my readers and diddle your backsides, and if you so choose, tell me how it went!

I myself had no personal experience with anal sex before marriage & entering in swingers’ lifestyle, but nevertheless it is still intriguing n enjoyable now. I think the main thing to remember when performing any sexual act involving the anus is to use tons of lube and a condom. I personally now have (or any) desire to do any sexual activities involving anal sex, because I know I am gonna really like it.

Do not stretch or do forcefully as it is shown in most of porn, It is unrealistic most of the time because they don’t show that you have to work up to it, and they just “dive” right in without proper stretching/preparation. I think that this causes some people to go into anal sex without proper knowledge and preparation and end up injuring themselves.

Communication is really important between sexual partners, for any sexual intercourse, but especially when there is a higher likely or injury if you both really wanna enjoy it.


  1. Makes a lot of sense. And this leads to the next level. Have you every had a double penetration? If not then will you try it and if yes then let us know about that too. 🙂



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