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After my recent blog about the birthday party, I got many messages to write more about any of our experience of swingers party so here you go,

One Saturday afternoon looking at our facebook profile on our swinger social account, we got a message by private that caught our attention, in which we were told that a party had been organized for that same night, that couples would come very attractive and that they would like us to attend, if the answer would be yes they would indicate us time and address.
 A chill mixture of fear and curiosity ran through our bodies, in this sense we were totally newbies that time in lifestyle, having gone to the few couple meets but never to such an event, we did not doubt it much and answered that we would be delighted. 

Soon a message arrived with the location and schedule, all a little mysterious but exciting ... we began to choose the what we are gonna wear with great care, the black never fails, some light and an Armani set that I had given as gift from close friend, some beautiful black shoes, a dress so short that you could see the ornaments of the medium, undoubtedly a delight for any fetishist, good girl perfume by CH and an intense red lipstick Yves Saint Laurent, it seems that the night promised pleasant surprises. We got in the car and programmed the browser to the location they had given me, we start to drive to the location and asked if I was beautiful, Navish could not take his eyes off my legs, He could see my light blacks, start here started the adventure. 

After a half-hour drive, we entered an urbanization of houses and houses of high economic level, the GPS navigator with his computerized voice informed us that we had reached our destination.
We took a deep breath, we shook hands and we deposited to call the doorman, a light came on and a camera focused on us, we opened the door and a very polite and correct party guest greeted us and introduced himself, commented that Amaaya is looking beautiful A little blushing smiled and thanked.
He opened the door of the house and we found a party full of laser lights and music at a high volume, from the outside you could not tell anything was surprising, many couples came to greet us in turns, at the end they introduced you all. Beautiful with little dresses some already in lingerie, a square table was full of all kinds of drinks and food. Immediately the owners of the house greeted us, very educated people put everything at our disposal. The atmosphere was very pleasant alcohol consumption in this type of parties is moderate, we talked with a couple about a local or anecdote of our environment, the night passed between looks and laughter, you notice if a couple attracts you and you know your partner and you know what you like ...
At about twelve o'clock the host took a microphone and with a determined voice said that all the girls had to move to change, Maria ignored and all disappeared together, all men alone in expectation, what would they be doing?
After a few minutes that were eternal, I'm not used to leaving alone like this, it's one of our rules "all together”, but we trusted our hosts, all ladies were given some sort of dresses and asked to change to it by our sizes, one of sexy nurse, another of police, I took a dress of belly dancer, I noticed a girl from a couple who attracted us, tall brunette something younger than us, the boy caring and quite friendly.
Then the couples began to merge, kisses caresses, moans, girls kissing each other in each occupied space...
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The 10 swinger commandments

1. You will not try to break up any marriage, nor will you try to establish a stable relationship. In these cases you can not get involved romantically.

2. You will respect the appointments that you agree and you will notify opportunely in case of any unforeseen change.

3. You will go to the first date with the idea of ​​Swinger, not to waste your neighbor's time.

4. Never for any reason you will put pressure on anyone to force him to practice the swinger, whether it is your partner.

5. You will not talk about the Swinger lifestyle with people who have not expressed any interest in it. You will respect the ideologies and moral beliefs of others, even when they do not respect yours.

6. You will protect the anonymity of the Swinger people, with the same zeal that you defend yours and you will always use pseudonyms. You will not provide telephones, addresses or names of anyone, much less the meeting points of appointments, without prior authorization.

7. You will take care of your hygiene and personal appearance to the maximum.

8. Do not do anything that disparages or gives a bad name to the Swinger lifestyle.

9. Be friendly and behave warmly with your Swingers friends, but keep in mind that there is a certain type of emotional zone that only belongs to that person's partner. Never invade territories that do not belong to you.

10. Practice safe sex, use the condom and everything that protects both your health and that of others.

Questions From Followers – Part 1

Quest 1. What if I develop feelings for a play partner?

Actually this is a very important topic.  If you regularly meet with the same person and share an intimate activity like having sex, it is not terribly surprising that you may develop feelings for the person.  Someone you only see once or twice, probably not, but once you are with someone more than about a half dozen times, it can certainly happen.  In and of itself, this is not a bad thing, nor is it anything to be afraid of.  You simply must be reasonable about how to deal with it.  Personally, I’ve had this happen twice.  Perhaps these instances will be instructive for new people.

I had a regular playmate develop feelings for me and it became uncomfortable for his wife.  And the guy began to demand more and more of my time until it became unreasonable.  He also wanted to call me his “Girlfriend” or even asked me if he can introduce time to his few friends as his wife, because his wife is not as open I am and as what he wants her to be open.  It got to the point I had to tell him we could not see each other again.

On other friend I enjoyed playing with him he was understating and very co-operative without any unnecessary drama, it was really fun and lately we both get attracted to each other and developed some feelings.  But it never happened that we started disliking our own partners. We knew our relationship & respect the required space for each other’s personal life.  We had some good times together apart from our own spouses joined us.  Looking back, I don’t regret what happened and still we are in touch and we still have feelings for each other which make us more comfortable with each other.

The second time was a much different story.  This guy and I both developed feelings for each other.  Obviously both of us were married, mind you, and neither of us had any intention of leaving our spouses or anything crazy like that.  However, we had some real magic together and it steadily grew.  Eventually we let it go a little too far and said some things we shouldn’t have said.  

Navish took it kindly to that (justifiably so) and we had to take a time out and dial it back.  We still see each other and it is still amazing when we do, but we had to redraw some boundaries that had gotten a bit too blurry.  

From my personal experience there is no permanent damage done and anything stupid happened and we both are still happily married with our spouses.  The point remains that you have to be careful.  This is supposed to be fun, harmless fun at that, and nobody wants anyone to get hurt.  Occasionally you need a wave of reality to crash down on your sandcastle of fantasy you build and that is fine.  So long as you keep straight what is real life and what is playtime fun all should be well.

In general these things should happen infrequently.  As the Most Interesting Man in the World might say (I LOVE YOU) “I don’t always have feelings for my play partners, but when I do, I keep sharing it with Navish. So I would say all my friends in lifestyle, Stay horny make your boundaries and respect your relationship, developing feelings for play partner is very normal and it happens.

Quest 2. What if I want to exclusively play with someone, is that still swinging?

Yes.  Sometimes couples find another couple or even a small group they decide they want to exclusively play with and that is fine.  This can work in a few different ways.  Perhaps one couple decides they only want to play with these particular people and that is then all they do in terms of going outside their primary relationship.  Perhaps everyone decides that (whatever number of people this involves) represents the only people they will have sex with and because of this small scale exclusivity, they will no longer use condoms with these people.  On the other hand, it could be that within your exclusive circle you don’t use condoms but people have the right to go outside the circle so long as they do use protection for outside encounters.  This can be a very touchy subject that should not be lightly entered into and should be thoroughly discussed with all people involved to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Having another couple or even a small group to go to parties with or go to clubs with could be pretty awesome.  You can still get the benefit of being able to watch others or have others watch you with one of your circle even if you don’t attempt to have sex with any new people.  You would also have the huge advantage of knowing no matter what happens, you have one person (or more) besides your primary partner that you can have sex with (so you never need to worry about striking out).

Deciding to be exclusive is a very big step.  It can easily lead to feelings developing between non-spouse sex partners and that can be very threatening to a lot of people, even those who are fine with more casual sexual encounters by their significant others.  I thought about doing this once briefly but did not do it.  In retrospect, that was a good decision NOT to do so.  However, I can certainly see the benefits of such an arrangement provided that everyone gets along well and you aren’t stupid with the arrangement.  I’d define being “stupid” here as doing things like making ridiculous time demands on another person’s spouse, clearly intruding on someone’s territory, or playing more often with someone’s partner than they are comfortable with having occur.    If you are honest and respectful, I can see this being a very nice arrangement.  However, it is extremely difficult to find even four (let alone more) people who are all attracted to each other enough to have an ongoing, let alone exclusive, sexual relationship.  If you can do it though, have at it!

If you also have any question in mind please share it with me, if I could answer you from my experience will do it in upcoming next parts.

With Love,


Play Party – On Birthday of a Special Friend

Recently in March Month this year, our one special friend John from Ireland organized his birthday party and invited us too, we have met him couple of time and “Hell Ya” had intimate too with him. He told us that he is organizing a play party this time on his birthday and inviting few couples friends and as well single friends from lifestyle. And as he admire me a lot he invited us as couple to join his party and insisted to come which I could not deny and accepted and confirmed him that we will definitely join.

He organized party on one of best resort in City he booked a Sea view villa with big hall, and the birthday party took place in the form of a sensual and erotic formal dinner, followed by a play party. It was one of the most liberating and sexy experiences I’ve had from our group parties. Being in that huge space, surrounded by like-minded individuals & couples, indulging in amazing food, wine, and then all kinds of touch was an outstanding experience.

Our Swinging Life’s couple friend also joined as group with whom we had intimate earlier as well. And all those who have seen us our wild part of life, recognized us, with the space since the big dinner party and bathroom play party scene also took place there. There was an incredible meal served by sexy, masked servers who touched and tantalized all ladies as they made their way around the room. The food was sensuous and flavorful but they knew not to serve huge portions so we wouldn’t be too full to indulge into the onsite play party after the meal.

I was just remembering our last group party which was actually disastrous experience as we didn’t like it much which was few months before organized by a newly swinger couple, I was pretty nervous this time and did not want to spoil it again but people who joined here were pretty known so I was more comfortable in and was ready by mind to enjoy the play portion of the evening.

After sometime Shine (One of our couple friend) announced that birthday boy is coming soon to join the party for who all this was organized so he said, ‘Take off your clothes! To welcome the birthday boy’ while the birthday boy was out of the room, instead of worrying or any hesitant few of people started undressing and just had undies on them, I also decided to utilize the bravery of the enthusiastic people as my own and dove head into the proceedings, stripping down to my sexy undies also helped to Navish to do so. When John came to hall, he was happily surprised to be greeted by a room full of people in their underwear. John just saw me at first and directly came to me and kissed me on lips, and announced in party as I am his special guest for his birthday party to be honored.

Emboldened by my uncharacteristic bravery, I kept channeling it and once we’d moved into the play space, I asked a fully-dressed guy John, I didn’t know very well if he thought he was wearing too many clothes and if he wanted me to help remedy that. He did want that. Shortly after, when the first few people got completely naked, we did the same and one of the sexy party goers crossed the room excitedly to get his hands on my body. Navish got busy with his favorite couple’s wife from Moldova, I stood for several minutes while a group of 5 or 6 people touched and stroked me and make jokes about my ass being Grade A+, Heaven!

From here, the night gets rather blurry, but I have flashes of the exceptional moments of the play party, which was an awesome experience and quite the opposite of the fear and anxiety fest I’d previously encountered. I am mentioning what all I loved there point wise

  • Squirting into the eager mouth of Olivia, a woman I’d met but barely known previously, as she went down on me.
  • Bracing a desk against the force of a man fucking his wife on it while I fingered Olivia on same desk.
  • Watching Reina and Olivia together. The love and intimacy between the girlfriends was incredibly moving to witness.
  • Discovered myself in a Bathroom play party with full of people where no one was with his or her own partner and was showering each other to get more wet n wild.
  • Guys Fucking one woman, then jokingly calling out, “Next!” and having another woman immediately ask to fuck her.
  • I did a quick condom change, for 2 guys who asked me to join them and lately complimented me as stunningly hot.
  • Doing gratuitous bending to pick things up off the floor. Getting spanked by Flick in that fully bent over position until my legs gave out.
  • Asking for a kiss from the sexiest server, who’d stayed for the party, and receiving delicious biting kisses from him.
  • Sucking again Olivia’s husband’s dick before he fucked my other friend, after he left to clean up, kissing her deeply. Kissing him upon his return after the question, “May I kiss you
  • Blowing Flick on the desk again while Reina played with my nipples and Olivia pressed up behind me, stroking and kissing me until he moved to fondle with his balls and he came inside me.
  • Lying side by side with as we got off with our choice of guy.
  • Flick working me over with again with John to give him special gift on his birthday. Having convulsive pleasure waves that reportedly had people watching from all around the room. Hysterical laugh-gasm when finally some of group members get off and left the party.
  • We 3 couples and 2 single friends stayed there for night stay and left from there next morning.

If you happen to be in the Bay area with sexy group of friends, I’d highly recommend attending a party, First time I enjoyed at fullest an Our Gourmet Group of Swinger’s Life party play. It’s an outstanding experience that I’m really glad I got to have and to share it with you.

And it’s true. I totally do fuck like a rock star that night.

Please share with me if you also have such experience or if you have any such fantasy! Do not forget to comment and give your love for me as usual and thank you all of you to encourage me to write and share more from my experience Diary.

With Love,


Should I Clarify….? Fake or Real, But Why…?

Recently I wrote a blog about my experience with Indian Men Vs Men from other nationalities as per my experience. Believe me I received number of Nonsense messages and D… Pics, and people asking me give a chance so they can show me talent of their manhood as Indian man.

Firstly those morons must understand, woman won’t jump in bed with you if your male organ is of an extraordinary length so stop sending such pics, and because you show it to her on your first interaction without even introducing yourself will not make you any macho man.

Recently I had one more bad experience after my post of previous blog, someone hacked my fb ID and I have lost contact with my all fans & followers, and suddenly one day I received a message from one of my follower that why I Used net pics and posted on my fb, I couldn’t understand what he is talking about, but lately I realized the person who succeeded in hacking my fb profile posted some net pics in my fb profile, gave a chance to my haters to troll me on Facebook. I saw lot of posts against me, but then I thought do I really need to give any clarification for their judgment, Should I clarify….? But really why…? So I decided to kept quiet and see what people say and who are trolling me.

But then I liked one comment in trolls, where one of guy who approached me with very fancy offers, commented why Indian men think from their balls not from the brain, I completely agree with him on this, but it must be implemented on him as well, why he did not accept my rejection and stopped following me. Also he mentioned I have changed skin tone in my many pics and no one realized, but seriously if you are noticing that much of me, and never realized the edited pics with professional filters, and still you were following me and observing my pics, but for what?

And then I realized mostly trolls are from who somehow considered me as competition or jealous or who got my rejection even though they offered me handsome amount to be with them on bed. If you couldn’t impress me with all your efforts you made, you all were just waiting for something to troll me out on social media, if it really makes you happy go ahead, but it will not affect me in any way.

Just all this made me humorous day for me, I don’t need cheesy people who flatter me every now & then but for sure even I don’t care if you are Sex God to pick me up, you can write anything to make yourself confident but be a mannerly if you do not know the reality of social media. You are just making yourself an asshole judgmental who’s desperate to get into the lady’s pant and start writing anything without knowing the reality. Anyways for this hacking issue I will be out of social media for some time, but I promise to my all followers that I will be back who still like to follow me and to connect with me. Till then you can connect with me.

I know many of you will show interest in trolling me, which I really do not care & obviously there are few who still have brain to think instead of their balls.

As a woman in this alternate lifestyle still I have my right to enjoy it in my own way and no one can stop me from that. I leave this opinion of real & fake on my real fans & followers, to decide.

Your valuable comments and feedback on my blogs will be highly appreciated, which will continuously motivate me to write more.

With Love,


My Perspective of Sexual Experience with Indian Men

Recently I Post on My Facebook Account, To Suggest A Topic for My Next Blog, One of My Blog Follower/Fan suggested very interesting topic to share my experience in lifestyle with different nationalities, it really gives me a thought to write something as I have now experience of lifestyle with people from different places.

But I will try to compare my experience with Indian Men Vs Men from Other Countries, actually not compare but I will try where Indian men lack from Men from other places to satisfy me. It doesn’t mean not a single man from India satisfied me, but yes in general still Indian men has to learn few expertise to satisfy fully their partners.

As now we are in swinger’s lifestyle from last 6-7 years, and have met people around the world if I count have encountered people in swinger’s lifestyle from around 20+ Countries. I’ve experienced normal date to sexual encounters. But in our lifestyle people mostly consider experience for sexual encounter only so let me tell me experience of Indian Men and Men from other countries. As a lady in Swingers lifestyle I have learnt from people of different countries, the intimacy and sexual skills through different prospective.

Out of all my experience, I have had with about 40-50 men mainly Indians, but also from Men from countries like United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, Sweden and few more. Their age range is 23-48 years, so from here you can know the youngest with whom I had was 23 & oldest was 48. Some of them were married & few were singles. From this I will share my experience, I know till now many of you become curious to know more.

Mostly Indian men, have grew up with very little sex education. They often went to boy only schools. They have minimal sexual exploration prior to getting married to a woman who is also very inexperienced. They end up frustrated by sex because they lack knowledge of anatomy and skill. In addition to inexperience, they also suffer from erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation. This all is based on my personal experience. Whereas men from other countries are more knowledgeable and skillful, while sharing everything with their partner.

A few typical Indian men came to me, in order to learn how to be a better lover to a woman and to also address his rapid ejaculation issue. After reading my blogs many people discussed their personal questions and I tried to give them correct information so they can enjoy it more.

From the questions I ask, I understood that most of Indian Men would prefer to have sex with his wife 4-6 times a week, but they end up only having sex 2-3 weeks. They keep their sexual interaction to a very basic level – there is rarely any massage, oral sex, shared sexy talk of fantasies and desires, or toys being incorporated into their lovemaking sessions. Also, they told me even if they try to explore their conservative wives did not like to co-operate as they consider it as taboo.

Most of these men do not know how to kiss or touch a woman. They have a very passionate and magnetic attitude toward women, but they approach a woman very hot and frantic, as if they are a hungry wolf and she is a delicious prey animal. The man is drawn to the woman and her female energy, but they also fear her sexuality. They are in eager and in awe, and it makes for an immature advance, which is off-putting for the woman.

The man hurriedly grabs at the woman and is rough and fast. When he inserts his manhood in the woman, he is already so agitated, he has a quick orgasm. Then he immediately feels shame and retreats, eyes averted, sometimes leaving quickly. Disappointment shrouds the encounter instead of joy.

Most men lack an understanding of how to approach a woman:

I regard creepiness as pushing boundaries and personal space too soon – eagerness and lack of social awareness makes this behavior repelling, instead of compelling.

Let’s take the old chicken or egg dilemma. Guess what? The egg came first, and women represent the egg. Men – you came out of an egg. Don’t peck the egg to death when you’re trying to get back in.

Instead of making big asks right off the bat, come at women with a “what can I do for you?” attitude, this what I personally liked in other men, they really care for what their partner likes on bed, so that they make them feel comfortable. After all, you have to energize her, not drain her. Once a woman feels comfortable and valued as a human being, then you can get freaky later on.

Being pushy, entitled, and dishonest will only drive women further away from you.

Here is what I wish to teach few Indian partners, a woman wants passion as much as a man, but she needs to be approached differently. Imagine the man is a torch, and the woman is a gold chalice filled with water. The man should not jab at the woman and knock her over, spilling the water. Instead, he should gently approach her with an open heart, caress the sides of the chalice with his flame, warming her slowly, causing the gold to glow, and heating the water within. In time, the water will be nice and hot and inviting for both of them to bask and enjoy.

In other words, both the man and woman need to learn how to conquer shame and replace the fear with love. They must learn how to give and give, and realize that bodies are temples of pleasure and to conduct themselves with pleasure and playfulness in mind.

Men should recognize that a woman’s body is a lush, full landscape to be explored with gentle fingers and tongue. A woman’s body is more than just her breasts and genitals. Women love maturity and appreciation. Lovemaking can be a form of worship. Consider the ritual of preparing for lovemaking – bathing and adorning yourself. Then there is the ritual itself of shared ecstasy. Do not forget the aftercare ritual – cuddling, communication, cleaning up and rest.

It is difficult to overcome decades of sex-negativity, but with patience and compassion, a positive shift can be made, and both men and women can greatly benefit from a mutually respectful approach to sex – it is a creative expression and celebration!

Please do not forget to leave your comments and reviews, if any of you would like to discuss anything related to swinger’s lifestyle or perspectives as woman sharing bed with multiple partners, I am available through email or sometime on Whatsapp Too.

With Love,