I Became Slut During Exploration In Swingers Lifestyle

I Became Slut During Exploration In Swingers Lifestyle

And it definitely bring a kink in our sex life.

Hey all my fans & followers, I know my blog coming after long time. I got so many messages of your love & affection and questions about lifestyle, please always feel free to contact me and give your feedback. Actually I was very busy from last few months and then was thinking what about my next blog should be today I got some time and mood to write something from our exploration in swinger’s lifestyle.

In this blog of our continuous experience in series, is the reality of women’s sex lives who are in this lifestyle, as many of you know recently we made a vacation trip to Moscow a beautiful city, I really fell in love with Moscow & St. Petersburg. There we met with unmarried couple Vera (a pseudonym) a married woman & Ruskin who is unmarried but they both are in relationship who unexpectedly got into swinging during third-anniversary of relationship which they told us on a cruise trip.

So here is my story with them, Navish and I were looking for an adults-club in Moscow during our vacation to celebrate our next kink experiment. We came across a “clothing optional lifestyle takeover club.” The materials talked about dance parties, clothing-optional areas, and playrooms, including a dungeon (like a castle). We assumed it will be nice place to enjoy our next experiment in “lifestyle”. It was only after we’d booked the table that we realized it meant for swingers. We figured we could go, even though we didn’t plan to participate just wanted to go with flow as usual.

Leading up to the club, though, we got to know some of the other couples & singles online and began to make our minds. It started with talk of me being interested in playing with other women in Russia and evolved into “Let’s just go for it and enjoy all this club has to offer.”

We really didn’t know what to expect when we got there, and were definitely surprised. Some people were completely nude, some just topless, some in tiny outfits, and some fully clothed. No one seemed to mind, or even notice, what anyone else was or wasn’t wearing.

We also turned into semi-nude condition after liking the ambience of place. We danced with a couple Vera & Ruskin with whom we’d chatted with online. We didn’t get fully naked, but there was some flashing and roaming hands. As all of you till now know Navish and I are into “full swap,” which means that we are okay with penetrative sex with other people, but their (Vera & Ruskin) rules were stricter than ours.

After the dance club closed, we all went to the 24-hour open Bar which they told us about. After few drinks we left with them to their place as they invited us to stay with them.

At their place there were 3 beds spaced with small tables between them. We all went to one bed and started by getting undressed and making out with our own partners. Soon I felt the woman’s hand caressing my breast as I was kissing my Navish. Then Ruskin, while still kissing her, started to finger me.

At one point Navish went to the restroom. While he was in restroom, Ruskin went down on Vera while I kissed her and played with her breasts. Then we shifted and I went down on him while she went down on me. While this they told me that they are also into paid stuff and know some very good singles who could join us for fun and pay a handsome amount. If we are interested they can arrange it and have a group fun. When Navish came back from restroom, he watched for a minute, then joined us. Later they told him as well, Navish just looked at me & I nodded he understood my consent and asked them to arrange it. As it was not our first paid experience but yes with unknown people at new place it was gonna first for us, we are not regular in paid stuff, but it brings some kink and we just enjoy it as experiment & for our kink on our own terms & conditions. But this time we just opened up for idea for someone else we never met before.

We just finished our swap with them and it was awesome they both were pretty amazing in bed.

After some time, Ruskin just made few calls and in few minutes two Russian guys came inside the room.

The atmosphere of the room became naughtier and made us more open to trying new things. The guys told us they never had experience with any Indian lady before so it was first for them as well. But they asked if they both can enjoy with me alone means without Navish joining us, till them atmosphere was getting more hot and we all agreed Navish, Vera & Ruskin just sat on other bed, and the two guys came near me on bed.

After a little while, I started giving head while the other guy started licking me down. He’d had a lot to drink and to his dick was getting hard. We had tried threesome a before many times, but it wasn’t the same do not know what happened to me I was feeling like a slut inside somewhere. They played a little while more in same position, and then asked me to join them to the hot tubs.

The atmosphere of the room made me more open to trying everything there. Throughout the night, we had two more play sessions also later the guys asked Navish & Ruskin also to join in as gangbang & Vera was just watching till then & later they all made gangbang with Vera & I was watching it.

I can say this after several experiences, there has to be some physical attraction when we decide who to play with, but the connection we form with Vera & Ruskin was the bigger factor to get into all this. We want to play with people who are fun and stable in their relationship. We have a very low tolerance for drama. Since we play as a couple or individual in both ways, there has to be a all-way match in terms of attraction.

Next morning, Ruskin left for his work but we stayed there for some more time and other two guys were also there, we were talking to Vera and the woman stripped down to nothing in the kitchen and smile and just kept on chatting. This was very exciting for us, but we tried not to let it show & gave her more space to enjoy what she was looking for. Ten minutes later, Navish stripped down too. He suggested that other guys to do the same. Navish was down on her & other two guys picked me up and took me under shower, For the Next one hour we were just under the shower and they did not left a single part of my body to caressed and smooched I was cordial when they’d run into me.

I always thought swingers were people who would have sex with any random person. But those we’ve met want the same thing that we want: friendship with like-minded couples, and if we happen to have fun in sexual ways from time to time, that’s a bonus, we were really enjoying all of our fun happening there.

Nothing left to try their which we could think more, it was like group play, not just swapping partners.

In between we tried without Condoms as well. We both have veto power, meaning that if there is another man I want to play with without protection, Navish can say no at any time for any reason and it will not happen, whether he’s not comfortable with the guy or isn’t interested at that point of time & same happens with me. We rarely play without condom but at their place I became sluttier to enjoy & experiment more openly, but before we did it only with a couple we know really well, and never strangers.

Now we’ve become really good friends with them as well. In afternoon one guy left and only me Navish, Vera & one guy left we locked the door one the guy left and get naked again and played. After sometime Vera’s husband also called and she left for some urgent work.

Ruskin told us he will come in evening after work so not we & one guy was only at his place. We started to arrange dinner date and drinks. Ruskin came back around 9pm. He invited 2 of his college friends for dinner & drinks as well. After dinner he suggested we might play a game like sexy dice or watch a movie with sexual undertones. And all decided to go with a movie.

We started watching a movie & in between the other guy who was with us from last night again started caressing my nips over my top, and Navish was sitting beside me. In few minutes other men (Ruskin’s college friends) stopped watching movie rather started staring me and other guy while he was caressing my boobs & nips. And in few minutes we all were naked and it was my first experience of two consecutive nights with a gangbang experience, first night it was four guys but Vera also were there and this night now it is five guys & only me there in room then.

I was nowhere in mood to say no this time as well, and enjoyed two sessions in whole night with an awesome experience.

Swinging has helped our sex life in all ways but this experience really made me feel kinkier & sluttier, when we left next morning Ruskin’s place the guy handed over an envelope with very handsome money inside with note that it was his unbelievable experience for which he was fantasizing from long time but never happened and we made it real for him.

So it was our one of other experience, will try to bring more in coming days depends on my timing & mood till then


With Love



After my recent blog about the birthday party, I got many messages to write more about any of our experience of swingers party so here you go,

One Saturday afternoon looking at our facebook profile on our swinger social account, we got a message by private that caught our attention, in which we were told that a party had been organized for that same night, that couples would come very attractive and that they would like us to attend, if the answer would be yes they would indicate us time and address.
 A chill mixture of fear and curiosity ran through our bodies, in this sense we were totally newbies that time in lifestyle, having gone to the few couple meets but never to such an event, we did not doubt it much and answered that we would be delighted. 

Soon a message arrived with the location and schedule, all a little mysterious but exciting ... we began to choose the what we are gonna wear with great care, the black never fails, some light and an Armani set that I had given as gift from close friend, some beautiful black shoes, a dress so short that you could see the ornaments of the medium, undoubtedly a delight for any fetishist, good girl perfume by CH and an intense red lipstick Yves Saint Laurent, it seems that the night promised pleasant surprises. We got in the car and programmed the browser to the location they had given me, we start to drive to the location and asked if I was beautiful, Navish could not take his eyes off my legs, He could see my light blacks, start here started the adventure. 

After a half-hour drive, we entered an urbanization of houses and houses of high economic level, the GPS navigator with his computerized voice informed us that we had reached our destination.
We took a deep breath, we shook hands and we deposited to call the doorman, a light came on and a camera focused on us, we opened the door and a very polite and correct party guest greeted us and introduced himself, commented that Amaaya is looking beautiful A little blushing smiled and thanked.
He opened the door of the house and we found a party full of laser lights and music at a high volume, from the outside you could not tell anything was surprising, many couples came to greet us in turns, at the end they introduced you all. Beautiful with little dresses some already in lingerie, a square table was full of all kinds of drinks and food. Immediately the owners of the house greeted us, very educated people put everything at our disposal. The atmosphere was very pleasant alcohol consumption in this type of parties is moderate, we talked with a couple about a local or anecdote of our environment, the night passed between looks and laughter, you notice if a couple attracts you and you know your partner and you know what you like ...
At about twelve o'clock the host took a microphone and with a determined voice said that all the girls had to move to change, Maria ignored and all disappeared together, all men alone in expectation, what would they be doing?
After a few minutes that were eternal, I'm not used to leaving alone like this, it's one of our rules "all together”, but we trusted our hosts, all ladies were given some sort of dresses and asked to change to it by our sizes, one of sexy nurse, another of police, I took a dress of belly dancer, I noticed a girl from a couple who attracted us, tall brunette something younger than us, the boy caring and quite friendly.
Then the couples began to merge, kisses caresses, moans, girls kissing each other in each occupied space...
Do not forget to give your feedback & comments for the next part.


Questions From Followers – Part 1

Quest 1. What if I develop feelings for a play partner?

Actually this is a very important topic.  If you regularly meet with the same person and share an intimate activity like having sex, it is not terribly surprising that you may develop feelings for the person.  Someone you only see once or twice, probably not, but once you are with someone more than about a half dozen times, it can certainly happen.  In and of itself, this is not a bad thing, nor is it anything to be afraid of.  You simply must be reasonable about how to deal with it.  Personally, I’ve had this happen twice.  Perhaps these instances will be instructive for new people.

I had a regular playmate develop feelings for me and it became uncomfortable for his wife.  And the guy began to demand more and more of my time until it became unreasonable.  He also wanted to call me his “Girlfriend” or even asked me if he can introduce time to his few friends as his wife, because his wife is not as open I am and as what he wants her to be open.  It got to the point I had to tell him we could not see each other again.

On other friend I enjoyed playing with him he was understating and very co-operative without any unnecessary drama, it was really fun and lately we both get attracted to each other and developed some feelings.  But it never happened that we started disliking our own partners. We knew our relationship & respect the required space for each other’s personal life.  We had some good times together apart from our own spouses joined us.  Looking back, I don’t regret what happened and still we are in touch and we still have feelings for each other which make us more comfortable with each other.

The second time was a much different story.  This guy and I both developed feelings for each other.  Obviously both of us were married, mind you, and neither of us had any intention of leaving our spouses or anything crazy like that.  However, we had some real magic together and it steadily grew.  Eventually we let it go a little too far and said some things we shouldn’t have said.  

Navish took it kindly to that (justifiably so) and we had to take a time out and dial it back.  We still see each other and it is still amazing when we do, but we had to redraw some boundaries that had gotten a bit too blurry.  

From my personal experience there is no permanent damage done and anything stupid happened and we both are still happily married with our spouses.  The point remains that you have to be careful.  This is supposed to be fun, harmless fun at that, and nobody wants anyone to get hurt.  Occasionally you need a wave of reality to crash down on your sandcastle of fantasy you build and that is fine.  So long as you keep straight what is real life and what is playtime fun all should be well.

In general these things should happen infrequently.  As the Most Interesting Man in the World might say (I LOVE YOU) “I don’t always have feelings for my play partners, but when I do, I keep sharing it with Navish. So I would say all my friends in lifestyle, Stay horny make your boundaries and respect your relationship, developing feelings for play partner is very normal and it happens.

Quest 2. What if I want to exclusively play with someone, is that still swinging?

Yes.  Sometimes couples find another couple or even a small group they decide they want to exclusively play with and that is fine.  This can work in a few different ways.  Perhaps one couple decides they only want to play with these particular people and that is then all they do in terms of going outside their primary relationship.  Perhaps everyone decides that (whatever number of people this involves) represents the only people they will have sex with and because of this small scale exclusivity, they will no longer use condoms with these people.  On the other hand, it could be that within your exclusive circle you don’t use condoms but people have the right to go outside the circle so long as they do use protection for outside encounters.  This can be a very touchy subject that should not be lightly entered into and should be thoroughly discussed with all people involved to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Having another couple or even a small group to go to parties with or go to clubs with could be pretty awesome.  You can still get the benefit of being able to watch others or have others watch you with one of your circle even if you don’t attempt to have sex with any new people.  You would also have the huge advantage of knowing no matter what happens, you have one person (or more) besides your primary partner that you can have sex with (so you never need to worry about striking out).

Deciding to be exclusive is a very big step.  It can easily lead to feelings developing between non-spouse sex partners and that can be very threatening to a lot of people, even those who are fine with more casual sexual encounters by their significant others.  I thought about doing this once briefly but did not do it.  In retrospect, that was a good decision NOT to do so.  However, I can certainly see the benefits of such an arrangement provided that everyone gets along well and you aren’t stupid with the arrangement.  I’d define being “stupid” here as doing things like making ridiculous time demands on another person’s spouse, clearly intruding on someone’s territory, or playing more often with someone’s partner than they are comfortable with having occur.    If you are honest and respectful, I can see this being a very nice arrangement.  However, it is extremely difficult to find even four (let alone more) people who are all attracted to each other enough to have an ongoing, let alone exclusive, sexual relationship.  If you can do it though, have at it!

If you also have any question in mind please share it with me, if I could answer you from my experience will do it in upcoming next parts.

With Love,


Should I Clarify….? Fake or Real, But Why…?

Recently I wrote a blog about my experience with Indian Men Vs Men from other nationalities as per my experience. Believe me I received number of Nonsense messages and D… Pics, and people asking me give a chance so they can show me talent of their manhood as Indian man.

Firstly those morons must understand, woman won’t jump in bed with you if your male organ is of an extraordinary length so stop sending such pics, and because you show it to her on your first interaction without even introducing yourself will not make you any macho man.

Recently I had one more bad experience after my post of previous blog, someone hacked my fb ID and I have lost contact with my all fans & followers, and suddenly one day I received a message from one of my follower that why I Used net pics and posted on my fb, I couldn’t understand what he is talking about, but lately I realized the person who succeeded in hacking my fb profile posted some net pics in my fb profile, gave a chance to my haters to troll me on Facebook. I saw lot of posts against me, but then I thought do I really need to give any clarification for their judgment, Should I clarify….? But really why…? So I decided to kept quiet and see what people say and who are trolling me.

But then I liked one comment in trolls, where one of guy who approached me with very fancy offers, commented why Indian men think from their balls not from the brain, I completely agree with him on this, but it must be implemented on him as well, why he did not accept my rejection and stopped following me. Also he mentioned I have changed skin tone in my many pics and no one realized, but seriously if you are noticing that much of me, and never realized the edited pics with professional filters, and still you were following me and observing my pics, but for what?

And then I realized mostly trolls are from who somehow considered me as competition or jealous or who got my rejection even though they offered me handsome amount to be with them on bed. If you couldn’t impress me with all your efforts you made, you all were just waiting for something to troll me out on social media, if it really makes you happy go ahead, but it will not affect me in any way.

Just all this made me humorous day for me, I don’t need cheesy people who flatter me every now & then but for sure even I don’t care if you are Sex God to pick me up, you can write anything to make yourself confident but be a mannerly if you do not know the reality of social media. You are just making yourself an asshole judgmental who’s desperate to get into the lady’s pant and start writing anything without knowing the reality. Anyways for this hacking issue I will be out of social media for some time, but I promise to my all followers that I will be back who still like to follow me and to connect with me. Till then you can connect with me.

I know many of you will show interest in trolling me, which I really do not care & obviously there are few who still have brain to think instead of their balls.

As a woman in this alternate lifestyle still I have my right to enjoy it in my own way and no one can stop me from that. I leave this opinion of real & fake on my real fans & followers, to decide.

Your valuable comments and feedback on my blogs will be highly appreciated, which will continuously motivate me to write more.

With Love,


A Revelation About Playing Separately

What could be more fun and rewarding for a couple than to spice up their sex life by playing together with other couples or singles?  Getting to watch your partner from a vantage point other than “right on top of them” during sex is something that few people in our country actually get to experience.  And being able to talk about the shared experiences you both had at the same time can fuel conversations for weeks and months to come.

That is how we started out, and it made sense.  We had the reassurance and security of having each other in the same room, watching out for each other, and finding other couples to play with was relatively easy.  Bur now that we are approaching 6 years involved in swinging, we have learned a LOT more about what we are each looking for in our play partners, and finding a guy that I likes and a girl that He likes that are actually together started becoming increasingly difficult over the years.  So even though in the beginning we never thought it would happen, as our experience and comfort levels grew along with our “pickiness” for our play partners, we started finding ourselves saying “Hey, go play with so-and-so … I’m gonna chill out here while you play.”  In other words, we started “playing separately”.

We have realized that there is no rule for against playing together that we set up, but in the absence of a couple that we are both wanting to play with together and the opportunity to do so, we are perfectly fine playing separately in the meantime.  How this works out for us and the benefit we get from it is somewhat surprising.  We have heard of many swinger couples that play separately with a strict “don’t ask don’t tell” policy where one partner simply doesn’t want to know who the other is having sex with, but to us that feels a bit more like pre-approved cheating that can make a couple drift apart rather than bring them closer together.  Instead what we found is the mutual reward for us in playing separately is in telling stories.

It was an amazing revelation the other day when my hubby said out of the blue “You know, I miss hearing your stories about so-and-so.”  The so-and-so is a play friend that I  have that moved a couple hours away and we don’t see each other much any more.  But to hear that was a bit surprising because there is nothing he directly got when I spent time with my play friend.  Instead my hubby identified that he got a great deal of joy from hearing the stories about the times when I was off with my friend, even though he didn’t participate in any way.  Then I started thinking about the times that I encouraged my hubby to go play with a girl here or there, and I realized I felt the same way.  While he was gone it was nothing great, and sometimes I did have some concerns when I didn’t hear from him for a while, but the reward for me too was when he got home and told me all about the fun and crazy times he had playing with a girl that sometimes I knew and sometimes I didn’t.  But for both of us the sharing of what we liked and didn’t like and the fun events and reactions made it all worthwhile. Same is what I do when I meet my boy friends alone and share my stories with him, he equally enjoys to hear what all we have done.

So if you end up in a situation where you as a couple do end up playing separately, we strongly suggest that you consider talking and sharing about what happened to “close the gap” and let your partner live vicariously through what you tell them.  There is just something rewarding in hearing all about how your partner had fun, even when it is not with you.

With Love,

Happy End to the Night – Amaaya, Navish – Chloe, Rick & Derek

Rick and Chloe, our one of very close couple friend, matched our enthusiasm and eagerness to explore swapping and some girl on girl action.  For that reason, it wasn’t a typical week night get-together with another couple, it was a rare and special kid-free night where two almost-strangers sprawled on our giant couch naked, ready for “whatever”. Our friend Derek also joined us to be part of a wild night.

The moment had finally come; my seeing and feeling the vibrational effect of my husband push into another woman, filling her young pussy with her first married man.  The first moment of sharing passionate upside-down kisses with a girl while I fuck her man.  We fucked in unison, we moaned together in such sultry melodies, we shared and we soothed one another.

Using protection was the right thing to do, however the use of the condoms just wasn’t allowing it to be very enjoyable.  I try to avoid them because it feels different, it feels almost like using a dildo.  So, I think we all longed to fuck without the desensitization.  To remedy this, we changed positions to reconnect with our own partners, skin to skin.

Derek started kissing me and fingering me, which kept me in a nice warm head space.  Chloe sat close by, rubbing her pussy and moaning while jerking her hand up and down Rick’s cock.  I think Rick at that time was whispering in Chloe’s ear about how sexy she was getting fucked by a married man.  Though they hadn’t been together long, this couple’s sexual chemistry was remarkably strong.  If I hadn’t been so distracted by the mind-blowing fingering my husband & Derek was giving me, I would have watched them more intently.

Derek decided it was a good time for us to put on our show more intense.  I never really know how people will react when I make a huge wet spot, or when I squirt across a room, or when I just gush a little; I just have to go through it and then see.  Two fingers hook into me, a knee gets pushed back and my legs are pulled open.  Derek works like a professional, pulling the spray from me in less than a minute.  It is almost humiliating how easy it is for him to trigger my explosion, it happens so swiftly that it makes me feel apologetic. And my husband joined Rick to give pleasure to Chloe. They both were sucking her boobs & I started licking Chloe.

At first, my body doesn’t want to lose control like that, it fights the relentless warmth and the swell, it pushes back, and my thoughts flee when my efforts prove fruitless.  And then I work with the feeling, I push, and I pull.  Then I let go.

“Oh my god you are so hot, that was so hot!” Chloe was close enough that she was sprayed in the arm.

“Wow, that’s impressive.” Rick smiled at me, I took that as a good impressive.

“Thank you, I almost can’t stop it now.” I get a little embarrassed.

I quickly scanned my mind for bucket list items we might be able to check off, but my endorphins made it hard to remember my name, let alone that blog post.  (Though, I admit that several times I thought about what good blog material this was.)

I sensed that Chloe was a bit submissive, and I felt so confident in that moment I wanted to take control.  I let Derek remain in charge on my wet pussy to play, but since this was new territory I was going to take full advantage and have no regrets.

Thinking quickly, I proposed a new scenario that might be fun, “Rick, can you fuck her from behind? And Chloe, can you lay on top of me?”

I wanted to hold her.  It was more than to just play with her nipples and kiss her. I felt a bond with her, it was nice being this close to another girl intimate passionate sex has been reserved for my husband so this was exploring a taboo for us.  (As a reminder, the rule is that if my husband doesn’t have anyone to kiss then I don’t.

Chloe climbed on top of me, between my open legs, our breasts smashed together so our cleavage resembled a glowing diamond. I felt the soft skin of her petite body stretch and begin to stick to me.  I felt her mound meet mine. Her knees came to rest on the couch bookending my body.   She took over my mouth for a passionate tongue-filled kiss, and seconds later I knew Rick had entered her because she sucked in my breath with a gasp.

She fitted him like a glove; her body rode his turbulent hips and then matched thrusts with a smack. 

Smack Smack Smack Smack

I reached down and rubbed Chloe’s sweet young clit.

I wanted to play her body like an instrument.  If I pluck here what reaction does it elicit?  If I push in there can I make her hum?  I had a road map for this trip based on my own likes and dislikes, but her topography varied quite a bit from mine.  Plus, she was a bit busy getting fucked by her boyfriend at the moment.

She murmured, “I’m so close, I’m gonna cum again.”

I picked up the pace of movement and slid over and around her swelling clit roughly.  Derek reached down and pushed three hooked fingers into me, a welcome surprise which did not deter me from attending to Chloe.  My husband’s barrage on my g-spot caused me to burst, squirting all over her cunt and stomach.

She gasps, still rocking on his cock at such a fast pace, “Oh my god I feel it all over me! Oh my god that is so hot!”

I have no control over the need to apologize, “I’m so sorry I squirted all over you.” When you’ve just dowsed another person in your cum, it feels natural.

“No, don’t say sorry.” She gasped as he started fucking her even faster.  “That was so sexy!”

“I felt that too!” Rick added.

Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack

Derek stood by our heads and we eagerly took turns taking him in our mouths.  When we both kissed and licked up and down his shaft at the same time, he erupted in white hot spurts all over my titties.  I wrapped my arm tightly around Chloe and she put her head down on my shoulder, giving Rick proper resistance.  I reached down to feel his balls slapping hard and fast on her ass.  Then I moved back to pressing on her clit as he pushed all the way in her tight little body.

Rick’s stamina was waning after fifteen minutes, and asked Derek, “a little help buddy?”  Derek grabbed Chloe by the hips and started ramming her little body back into Rick’s cock.  Her moans needed to be muffled even more now.  Derek put a finger in her ass and her sounds changed. After Derek My husband grabbed her and I was still playing with her boobs and waiting to get something inside when Derek came and did the job ah awesome feeling it was his big dick was what I needed.

She whimpered in a different way this time.

“Oh you like something in your ass?” Suddenly I felt excited for possibilities I’ve never dreamed of.  I suddenly wished I had a toy handy.  Or many.

“Uh huh, I do, I’m kinky.” She breathlessly shared, smiling so sexy.  I could tell she was so close.

“I want you to cum!” Suddenly I felt comfortable in this dominant role.

Derek pushed his finger deeper in her tight ass, then managed to work a finger inside her pussy adding to Rick’s girth.  The added friction finally sent Rick over the edge and he pumped his beautiful young girlfriend full of cum.  His cries of pleasure crowned this moment like the grand finale of a fireworks show.  I enjoyed hearing him, not many men make noises like he did.

But then again not many men fill their girlfriend’s pussy after she was thrust back on to him by the husband of the woman lying under her, the one fingering her clit.

Eager to extend the experience, and fulfill a fantasy of Derek’s, we switched off toying with and tasting her cum-filled pussy.  Rick had released quite a bit of cum in her.  It was turning us all on again but we knew if we didn’t get to bed that getting to work the next morning would be a problem.

We briefly chatted about our next meeting, making a plan to play with a double dildo next time.  At the moment the four of us yawned simultaneously, I decided to make their bed.  Within moments we retired to our own spaces and fell fast asleep in a sex haze.

Early the next morning, we all hugged goodbye.

Still More to Come with More Experiences.


Your’s Loving,



5 KINKIEST Things We Did

After A long time once again bringing something from my experience diary, Do any of these scenarios ? Here’s what some kinky things I can confess we did when no one was watching.

  1. We go to clubs on the weekends.

“We go to night clubs, in weekends, and do some flash and teasing, where no one knows us personally, and no one will judge us. We are not conservative anymore in every other realm… except sex. We have kids, and now we’re in mid-thirties. We go to clubs every to have group experiences with other couples while other partiers watch. We’ve finally found our groove after 5 years of marriage.”

  1. We have sex in public places.

“My Husband and I grab and fondle each other in unpopulated aisles of stores or libraries. If there was a silent corner or aisle, we would just grind on each other — not just dry-humping, but full-on moaning and biting. Then we would stop and pretend it never happened. We also used to have a remote control vibe and we would use it on each other in public places as well. If you made a sound, the other would give you a hickey or bite your neck.”

  1. I snorted drugs off his penis.

“My hubby and I experimented with drug one night and thought I’d spice things up by doing a line off the shaft of his penis. Needless to say, it both got their hearts racing more than one way. That moment still resonates in his mind and still drives him wild. I wouldn’t condone doing this and don’t advise that it would make sex better. It definitely was a mix of a drunken night that led to blow.”

  1. We filmed a porn together.

“I did a porn shoot with my husband, my boyfriend, and with few more I dressed as bride or other different dresses and did role plays, sometime it really excites you.

  1. We make sex into a workout.

My husband created ‘sex exercise’. It takes the concept of hard training a high-intensity interval training workout into the bedroom. We use a workout soundtrack from YouTube and then have 4 minutes of sex, changing position every 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest after 20 seconds of activity. It’s a great way to start the day. It gets the heart rate up, is quick enough to fit in before kids start arriving at the bedroom door, and it’s fun. 

There many more to tell but some other time surely will write about it.


Your’s Loving,