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Welcome in 2018

Few weeks ago, Navish and I were on our short vacation. We had scheduled a trip, but the trip overlapped. So, from our hotel room, with nervous anticipation, we hit send and launched my little blog. From that day on, I have never looked back. I was very busy in recent days so could not start my blogs for 2018, but now I am back with new blogs about lifestyle.


Our labor of love has grown larger than we could’ve ever imagined. Our message of consensual non-monogamy through a more open/swinging/poly lifestyle has reached global proportions.

We have seen couples stretch their wings, soaring to new heights in their unions. Navish and I have ached with empathy as couples from other countries shared the brutal truth of restriction they face on a day-to-day basis. These couples have to “fly under the radar” in order to reap the benefits of this viable relationship model. We have talked to many of couples and singles who through watching a video or reading one of the my blogs, stepped over the line in the sand and visited a swingers’ apps or websites. The gratification Navish and I receive in seeing these smiling and excited faces in our own, pushes us even more to spread our message. To have a woman come up to me and say that she watched our videos and read my all blogs, they gave her the courage to come out to try this amazing lifestyle, fulfill a fantasy, or bring about a closer partnership with her husband leaves me emotionally charged.

Don’t even get me started on what We have learned from this journey. The stories of pain and triumph from the men and women who breached their egos to be vulnerable arouse their own “ah ha” moments for us.

“How can I be a better spouse? How can I walk through this fear? How can I show comparison?” Navish and I have laughed and cried and dug down deep with so many amazing couples and singles. We have rejoiced in their successes and been an ear and supportive shoulder through their struggles. We have shared our story and been blessed in return with the stories of others. It’s an honest and true working conversation for a common good.

The Swingersville has pushed the envelope for me. It has exposed the lifestyle in all its beauty and unapologetically stood up for a relationship model that’s gaining ground. Even in the short span of time “The Swingersville” has been in existence, we have seen a shift in people encouraging me to write, more and more articles.

Navish and I see a real shift from all generations. Whether a Baby Boomer or Millennial, these populations are spouting, “I will choose the relationship that works best for me, thank you very much!” to all my admirers, fans & followers.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: As a society we should be applauding those couples who are taking the time, energy, and effort to tailor make a relationship that brings them closer. A relationship model in which all partners agree to engage in sexual, romantic, and/or emotional relationships with others. The results have been stronger, closer, and deeper marriages for those who participate. Who would have thought that by opening up a marriage the end result would bind the couple? We see this happen on a daily basis. We’re the “proof in the pudding,” so to speak.

In closing, I want to say again how indebted I am feeling to each and every one of you who has followed us. Your steadfast support is a driving force that keeps us fueled. To those new to the “The Swingersville” family…welcome! We hope you’ll find the answers in the pages, blogs what you are looking for. I look forward to another year of growth and expansion in 2018 (especially excited in the 2018 launch of Whatsapp Group for All My Admirers and Fans N Followers!!!) who like to connect with me directly to discuss and share their experiences and I am waiting for you to join us in this journey together.

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How to Make the Most of a Swinging 4some!

Swinger couples who’ve been in the lifestyle for any amount of time have learned that the configuration of hookups with others is almost endless. Whether it’s making plans with a single male, a unicorn (single female) or another couple, each play date can come with its own set of situations and preferences. John and I have found that finding singles to play with is usually easier, given our schedules and desires; however, those couple hookups are SO nice when they fall into place.


So how does one go about setting up a rendezvous with another couple? Again, couples who’ve been in the lifestyle can attest that a 4some hookup can sometimes be a challenge. It’s one thing to “match up” with a single, it’s quite another for this same unison to take place with four people.
Everyone has to like everyone else to some degree in order for the play to even take place. I remember not all that long ago speaking with a group of non-swinger wives.

They were quite shocked to find out that I’m not CONSTANTLY having sex with other couples. This is another one of those myths about swingers. Yes, we like sex… matter of fact sex is quite prominent in our relationship, but so are a lot of other things—chemistry, attraction, personality, desire and any number of prerequisites determined by a couple.

So, regardless of whether we play with a single or a couple, Navish and I have learned a few helpful tips about making the most of our swinging 4some get together:

Getting Acquainted: Okay, so you’ve made contact with another couple, say at a swingers’ app or website. You’ve finished the introductions and everyone seems to be hitting it off. You’ll begin making those subtle nuances to your partner—the knowing smile or nod of approval that lets your partner know you have a thumbs up kind of vibe about the other couple. From this point, the direction of the evening can go in any number of directions.

Status Quo: Sometimes those initial meet ups go no further than the conversation stage. You may spend the evening discussing regular topics, things like work, family or hobbies. The exchange might progress to include the topic of swinging. How did everyone get involved in swinging? How long has everyone been swinging? Do the families know, does work know? What’s everyone’s personal thoughts and observations of swinging? All of these things can be important building blocks in developing not just play partners, but the beginning of a wonderful swinging friend base. Everyone pulls an energy from talking and getting to know each other. Sometimes the energy from this kind of “swinging” can be enough to create a holding pattern; you’re interested in the other couple but don’t feel the need to play just yet.
Play Space: For Navish and myself, playing in as swingers’ is great fun, but of course not everyone who are swingers’ will feel the need or desire to take play time to a more secluded and private place, but for us, well we don’t really have a choice because of our busy schedule, travel plans. We do however know lots of couples who also adhere to this same play situation because they just feel more comfortable in a different setting.

One of the things that works for Navish and me is having couples over to our home. This gives us the opportunity to spend and cultivate a deeper bond with our play partners. Again, this get together may or may not result in any play, but this additional time to get to know each other is purely personal and will have a bearing on what kind of relationship (if any) you’re hoping to build with the couple. Maybe you’ve found out, through a series of conversations, that you all have a lot of things in common.

This build up to playing together actually BECOMES part of the play. The times Navish and I have forgone playing right away with another couple has led to some pretty hot evenings between just the two of us. The intensity this waiting creates between the couples only adds to the allure of when you do finally get together.

Immediate Play: I remember vividly the time Navish and I were on a swingers’ party. We decided to check out guests in party which our couple friend invited. Once we nestled into a bed and started playing (just with each other), another couple approached the bed to watch. It didn’t take long before this other couple became a target of interest for us. It all happened quite naturally. We hadn’t gone to the playrooms with any kind of expectations. We were just happy to have a chance to explore our wild side. This other couple was in the right place at the right time! The synergy was instant and the play organic. This is what makes swinging so incredible—there is no one way to play. Some occasions will be spur of the moment and others will be well thought out and planned, both providing their own uniqueness to the encounter.

Multiple Play Dates: All of the options above can result in an extended opportunity to play with the same couple numerous times. This can be another great benefit in the swinging community. Having those couples who you really have a connection with can change the face of the play dates. It adds a layer of choice. Some nights maybe you and your partner will want to engage in anonymous play, while other nights the play/friendship option just feels fun and safe. The playdates with those connected swinger friends can also incorporate common activities. Common beliefs, shared outside activities and even vacations can be just a few of the benefits of swinger couple friends and play partners.

One Time Encounters: Okay, so you and your partner aren’t interested in any long term relationship/friendship with the couple you’ve just met. Maybe you’re just traveling and checking out the local swingers’ websites. As a matter of fact, maybe you’re actually LOOKING to be incognito. The whole wham-bam-thank you-ma’am plot sounds just right! Navish and I have had our share of these as well. These hookups, like any of the above options, help round out the variety and spice to the swinger couple. There can be something really exciting and just a little exotic about not planning the evening’s outcome instead of leaving everything to chance. This can make for an incredibly HOTT night!

No matter what avenue you decide to take, the destination should always be about each other’s pleasure! The date should forever be an enhancement to the relationship in addition to bringing another layer of excitement, adventure and an ever deepening bond between you and your partner.

“Follow the Rules” In Swinging Relationship

I hope everyone is on track to crushing your goals for 2018! When I first heard the term “swingers” 5 years ago before entering in this lifestyle, it was on a talk show and I thought it was a crazy concept. However, before bashing swingers, listen to how it could benefit some of you.


Swingers are couples or singles who choose to have an open relationship, allowing their partners to have sex with other people, with their consent, of course. I began to experience myself why this type of relationship can work for anyone, if they willing to follow the rules, respect one another, be honest, get tested for STDs, use protection, and be very selective in choosing partners and remaining private about such a new way of what some couples swear by, a healthy relationship.

In the swinging world, couples make their own rules around what they need within relationships and marriages and vow to abide by the boundaries set forth. Couples or singles who select this type of lifestyle seek one or many partners for the pure excitement, to make their fantasies in real.

When two people are very secure with themselves and a lot of trust is established then both feel comfortable allowing the other to have different mates. They can be of the same sex or different depending upon their mood for the day/night. Some couples choose to play with other couples and keep it with just them or they may branch off and find a couple mates to play with when they are feeling frisky or their husband/wife might be tired, a woman may have just had a baby and cannot have sex for at least six weeks, their partner might travel and leave their significant other feeling like they need someone to fulfill their sexual desires while they are recovering.

Each couple chooses together what their life will look like within their relationship and plan and play accordingly. The benefits are they often times create lasting friendships with others of the opposite sex while enjoying sexual pleasures from them as well. Things never get stale and it usually spices up the bedroom when both mates are personally with each other. Some couples enjoy watching other couples and learn to role play and seek sexual excitement from the scenarios they create with others and follow through on.

To each his own and many people find their egos get a boost, self-esteem is significantly increased as well as their moods, relationships might last longer if couples feel less pressure in the bedroom, no one has any financial obligations, and for some who cannot remain faithful find ways like this to still be married and have a family but are able to see others on the side to fulfill sexual pleasures outside of a loving relationship where both people agree this is what is best for them.

I believe it is best for couples to be discreet when choosing to be a swinger and that children are never involved. If family finds out their loved ones are involved in such a different wild lifestyle it could create a lot of turmoil. I would definitely error on the side of being cautious, but if you are curious then by all means openly discuss with your partner or if you are single then why not give it a try? You might just find you like it a lot more than you thought you would.

I understand this type of bizarre lifestyle does not work for everyone, however, the ones it does work for absolutely live by it and love it. If all of the rules and boundaries are followed and everyone is happy, there really isn’t any harm in living together this way!

At Last it’s your life your decision, how you both want to live your life and enjoy it in your own way.




I am Amaaya, Few of you know me already and admire me, I could say that this is my confession.

I live in Dubai, with my husband, Navish basically we belongs to City Chandigarh in North India. We married Six years ago, since our marriage day, we are still in same love & passion for our relationship. In many ways, our life in the Avenue was idyllic. I worked as a Duty Manager in very reputed Hospitality Group well known international brand. We work hard, we spent our evenings at the movies, or curled up on a sofa together. We could afford long holidays, we gardened, attended charitable functions. Sometimes we went to see LIVE baseball games, Cricket sometimes we took in a show.

Life is always perfect for me. Well, almost perfect. There was one thing that nagged at me, one little persistent, consuming, burning itch that I longed to scratch. It was something that I didn’t dare share with anyone before marriage after some time of marriage I shared it with Navish.confession

After our first incident of swap which was actually happened incidentally. Nothing was planned or decided till that time about this lifestyle.
One night I had drunk too much, we were in bed, all of sudden I had slipped out of my panties while Navish was in the bathroom and had been stroking myself, teasing my nipples, my clit, with my fingers and feeling like such a naughty, filthy, wanton slut. So I told him. When he came out of the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around him, I told him my dirty secret. I told him I wanted to see him fuck another woman, in our bed. I just blurted it out.
He was silent. I could hear my heart thudding. Then he smiled. He came and sat on the bed, kissed me full on the lips, and then nodded.
“That would be fun,” he said.
The next morning I asked him if he remembered what I’d told him. His wicked grin told me that he had. At first I was ashamed and embarrassed, but he held my hand and said that he was honored that I had felt able to share something so personal and that he loved me. And after all, I told myself, it was just a fantasy. There was nothing wrong with fantasy.
So I got over my embarrassment, and for a few days, the relief of unburdening myself was glorious. It felt so naughty, so wicked, and so transgressive. I had bared my innermost desires, exposed them to the man I love and he hadn’t flinched. I felt like the kind of dangerous, disreputable girl I had always fantasized about being, but at the same time it also felt as though I had found a new level of love and intimacy with Navish.
That feeling would only grow deeper the following Saturday, when Navish, after three whiskies, took my hand as we sat on our bed and told me that it would be hot if I was with another man. It was dark in our room when he said those thrilling, dangerous words, and I saw the fear in his eyes, his fear that I might be horrified. But I wasn’t horrified. Not at all. Though I had never really thought about it before, the idea stirred something in me. Yes, I wanted that too somewhere, after our first encounter in lifestyle it was hitting me somewhere inside to try it again.
Navish told me that he loved it when I moaned and gasped with pleasure and he wanted to see me like that again which all happened in our first encounter, with another man, like I was starring in an erotic film. He wanted me to gaze into his eyes as I was fucked by an our close friend. The way he described it was so hot. I asked him to tell me again and he did, embroidering the fantasy with all kinds of erotic talk, dirty words, wild ideas, all of which sent shivers of pure lust through me.
We made love that night, as passionately as we ever had, at least, before we met the Porters. Three, four, maybe five weekends in a row, we got drunk together and told one another all about our dirty secret fantasies, embellishing the stories with ever more outlandish ideas, until we had driven each other wild and then we would fuck over and over until we were exhausted.
Over the weeks, the heat of that passion grew less intense. We spoke of it less frequently, and the novelty and thrill of being open about it faded. But the itch that feeling remained. That didn’t fade. It was always there, whenever I touched myself, whenever Navish touched me, whenever I closed myself and surrendered to the all-consuming fire of my orgasm. The thought of Navish and another woman and me watching, sitting naked at the end of the bed as he fucked another woman, sensing their sweating, glistening bodies as he made her scream. Oh I wanted that so much.
I’m not sure where it came from. I guess a skilled psychiatrist could plumb the depths of my subconscious and drag out the truth, but I didn’t really care. All I knew was that the thought of Navish with another woman, a hot woman, a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman, was both frightening and gloriously exciting. Perhaps it was the forbidden aspect. That isn’t how it is supposed to be. A woman is supposed to be jealous of her husband’s affection. Perhaps it was that risk. What if he enjoyed having sex with her more than me?
The risk that he would leave. The risk that I would lose everything. It was partly that, but it was also the idea of watching it, watching Navish being passionate, the writhing limbs, the forbidden, transgressive sex in our bed.
But after a few weeks, Navish stopped referring to it, and as we had never got round to working out how to arrange it, I resigned myself to it remaining as just a glorious fantasy.
One Saturday night, I slipped into my tightest black party dress – my only black party dress – which was much shorter than I remembered. As I tugged at the hem to try to pull it down at least over my mid-thigh, Navish came into the bedroom and whistled.
“Is it too much?” I asked
“It’s perfect,” he replied, patting me on the ass and kissing me on my neck, which sent a little tingle of Pleasure all the way through me. Suddenly Door bell rang, I went to open the door and saw Navish’s previous boss & his wife were standing at the door.
I welcomed them inside, after some time Navish brought two bottles of expensive wine with them, They were older than us, maybe late thirties, but both obviously worked out. Michael (Navish’s Previous Boss) was tall, greying a little at the temples, but square-jawed with big shoulders and a wide, welcoming smile. I found myself blushing a little the first few times he turned the smile on me, like a nervous girl at a high school dance.
Anna (Michael’s wife) was a little taller than me, with short dark hair, but the kind of body that I have always been envious of. Curvy to the point of being overtly sexy, her breasts heaved in a tight red velvet dress, and she swayed when she walked. Her sparkling smile was kind of captivating too, and it was obvious that Navish was having trouble not staring at her chest whenever he looked at her. I didn’t mind that. I thought it was cute, and told myself I would tease him about it later.
Dinner went well. They both were good company, charming, but not showy. They talked about their holiday home in Bosnia, their wedding, and both had a store of anecdotes from their previous lives.
Michael had been a footballer, while Anna had done a little modeling. The wine was flowing and the conversation was easy when Michael asked if we’d like to play a little poker.
As it happened, we had played quite a lot while we were in college, and the idea sounded fun. Navish dug out some old poker chips from the back of the wardrobe, I cleared away the plates and soon we were sitting around the dining table playing a little Texas Hold ‘Em.
Navish, Michael and I were playing pretty well, winning our share of hands, but Anna, who seemed to be drinking a little more than the rest of us, was soon down to her last chip. When she turned over a pair of Kings and I showed three twos, she laughed and pushed her chip across the table to me.
“I guess I’m done,” she said, laughing, casually resting her hand on Navish’s arm. He was a little flustered, which I thought was so cute. I smiled across the table at him and he smiled back, before blushing and looking at his cards.
“Oh now, we can let you stay in. But you have to offer a little something,” said Michael, dealing the next hand. Anna looked at him with a smirk.
“Oh really? And what did you have in mind?”
Michael smiled and said nothing.
“Well I don’t have any valuable jewelry to play with, so I guess I’ll just have to strip,” she said, pouting a little.
I think for now I should stop it here will continue it in my next blog after getting response from all of you, if really you wall like to read the next part as continuation….

With love Amaaya

About Amaaya

My Husband (Navish) and I (Amaaya) are a typical heterosexual couple, but we have a dirty secret: We’re swingers.

We meet other couples and exchange each other’s partners. Due to our conservative careers and even more conservative families, we keep our sexual practices to ourselves. Only a few close Vanilla friends know what we’re into (“Vanilla” is the term swingers use to refer to anyone who is in lifestyle).

Here’s what we’ve learned in the several years now that we’ve been “in the lifestyle” (that’s the more subtle term swingers prefer):

We were not introduced to this lifestyle or did not planned or convinced to each other, actually we experienced it incidentally first time with our very close married couple friends during our one of vacation with them.

This couple was also not into lifestyle, but we both couples were very close friends, heavy flirting with each other open talks, non-veg jokes were very common in between us and questionably body contact whenever we’d hang out. it was all normal for us between good friends.

Due to this rocky incident in our life which was happened incidentally unplanned, during one of our vacation with them, we were initially hesitant to get into the scene completely after that one encounter. But the aforementioned some websites did turn us on to start liking and feeling exciting about this lifestyle, from where we started to realize that we can continue the scene and meet other couples (kind of like OK Cupid, but for swingers).

From here we started almost 5 years ago in 2012 after around one and half year later our marriage, we met lot of couples lately with different nationalities, at these mixers were always welcoming and more than willing to offer us advice on getting continued our lifestyle.

And perhaps most importantly, they never pressured us into doing anything we weren’t ready for. In fact, we soon realized the scene is all about asking before you initiate any sort of contact with someone. That was a welcome relief for us.

And after its journey like a roller coaster, we have enjoyed every part of it…..

As we met more and more couples who were understanding and patient, who were happy to stop the moment one of us hesitated, we realized that there are some truly good and decent people in the lifestyle. And as we got more comfortable, we started being willing to do more. That led us to five years’ worth of conversations about how far we were willing to go, what exactly we were looking for within the scene, and above all else, how we were in this together.

Our fantasies were dashed pretty quickly. And then we started to be involved with single guys as well, Initially We felt pretty awkward, but we soon realized that this is just natural human behavior. And when you throw in the strong likelihood that you’re going to be exchanging fluids with them later on, then of course, you’re going to be a bit more discriminating about who you’re hanging out with.

Just because we’re swingers doesn’t mean that we’ll fuck any random genitals that people whip out. But that’s kind of the impression outsiders get, right? Even when we’re ready for sex, we have to respect the other couples, and we definitely don’t want to be the awkward aggressive one.

Till Now We Are Happy Enjoying This Lifestyle and Willingly Continuing…..

Difficult to Accept Rejections – Rejection Sucks

It is very difficult for few people in lifestyle, to accept rejection or say “NO” for themselves. They approach you like they own you and you don’t have right to say no specially if a woman rejects or say no, it really hurts their ego.

For those with a fair amount of insecurities, the sting sometimes lingers long after the bite. I tried to ignore dealing with rejected people for quite some time. I hated people asking again & again once I said “no” and I limited my interactions with them because, but really it is terribly afraid of being told “no” because once you say no it hurts their ego and from their it all starts, they will start blaming you one or the other reason. I always joke for such despo people that they’d sleep with anyone who had a pulse so they really didn’t have to tell anyone “no”.

However, as consenting adults, we should aspire to dealing with rejection in a way that respects everyone’s feelings, no matter what end of the rejection rainbow we fall.

The more you practice being rejected, the easier it becomes to accept rejection. Subsequent times, you shake it off faster and move on, beginning to realize it may not be you after all. You can’t be everything to everyone no matter how much you want it. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and amazing personality you think you may be, everyone has distinct tastes, desires, and needs that may or may not include what you have to offer. If you’re yellow, you can’t be red. You just are who you are.

It was frightening the first time we told a couple we weren’t interested. Getting over that initial hump is the first step on the road to escaping the fear. Soon after the experience, we rejected that couple really started back bitching against us with people who actually known us for quite long time and have met couple of time. We don’t expect everyone we approach to be into us, so why we should be feeling so bad about not being into everyone that approached us? It is a nice feeling to know actually honored what we want.

There are a lot of factors to consider when creating a four way connection. More often than not, we aren’t going to connect with every couple approach to us. We aren’t in this for the numbers and friendships are higher on our list of wants and needs. I’m goofy as fuck and although I seem tough as nails on the outside, I’m a sensitive mess on the inside. I need to be with other couples that understand and are cool with this concept, because in addition to being a phenomenal lays, we really do make even better friends.

I’m ending this, I am feeling it is enough for who will read my blog, please start accepting rejection in this lifestyle it is not that bad really, and it should not get hurt your ego. Take it positively, and move on.